Is It True that a Beginner Can Make Money Online Fast?

Update 3/16/16: I haven’t updated this post for a long time now, please do not consider the information I provided in this post until I’ll update this.

We all start as beginners as there’s no shortcut to online riches. If someone, claims to be a pro, tells you that you can make 10,000 Dollars overnight – simply tell him this way “Thank you, it’s completely yours, and enjoy your money!” Making 10,000 overnight is simply hype! It’s not true, but if I tell you now that you can make extra money online as a beginner, without promising you a figure how much, then it is true.

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But, an important idea on the title above – is it true that you, a beginner, can make money online fast? Is it true or propaganda? Well, let’s say – the answer is may be yes, or may be no. Why? Not all beginners online are really beginners. If you are totally naive on the web, you really may find it hard to make money online, and it might go slow on your end. But if you are not, especially if you possess the skill needed to make money – then it would be easier for you to cash out decently online.

Okay, I would like to make it easier for you, so here are the scenarios:

Beginners may find it hard to land on legitimate sites to make money online fast.

Almost everything is based on reviews. Almost everything , or well everything is based on other peoples’ experiences – that made it even harder knowing that you will spend time, effort, sweat to reach a certain threshold before you can prove the legitimacy of a certain site (to see is to believe). But trust really is important. Before spending time completing a gig, find the most established and trusted forums or sites that review the programs that promises you to pay, or share revenue, or act/facilitate as medium for you to complete a gig for your client. Mind you, it’s crucial to read the terms of service, read the FAQs page too!

  • Read forums – there are several online forums that talk about online opportunities, make sure to use your good judgment, we all know that God gives us the logical way of thinking… believe on it and you can come up a good decision that will gonna help you land a legitimate program to make money online even if you are a beginner.
  • Read review blogs – there are several bloggers who are sharing their experiences on certain programs they’ve tried online, mind you, choose the one with the voice, the one that is authoritative.  Do not simply believe. The web is full of lies nowadays, beware!

Beginners may find it easy and fast to make money online.

These are the people who have made money online, but not devoting full time into it. I called this the experienced beginners. I am one of them. Though I already made money online since 2007, I still call myself a beginner because my time into it is less than the required period – and less than the required focus. If someone you met somewhere, whether on Facebook pages or Forums like Warrior Forum and tell you that you can spend 2 hours in the comfort of your living room a day and wait for cash to flow – oh – take time to think and analyze – that’s hype! And most importantly, these type of program entails money, so do not buy a software that will make you rich (it’s impossible), or do not easily full into trap by paying a site to join in order to make money.

The web is full of opportunities

but we should be wise enough to catch them and enjoy them. Beginners can make money online, but do not make it as your last resort. If you are desperate to make this huge amount, and heard that you can make money online fast and free even if you do not how the wonder works – please be cautious and skeptical with the “get rich quick” scheme by some marketers online as they make money by fooling beginners. If you badly needed some cash now, you cannot rely on blogging, writing or anything online – no – it’s not as easy as you think it could be.

Making online fast needs experience, focus, determination, patience and good judgment.

It is possible that we can make money online fast, but not now; we can do that if we are already equipped with the needed skills. Learn, practice, and keep on doing that.  It’s like walking, you can’t walk briskly without feeling pain on your legs if you do not work briskly on a regularly basis, and the Problogger, Darren Rowse of problogger says “Building blogs is like building muscles”. It’s a principle, and we can apply that in our journey to make money online fast.

Are you a beginner, or an experienced beginner? Have you found it hard to make money online, have you fallen into get rich quick scheme online? Share your stories on the comment section below or email your stories or make money online techniques (I am accepting guest post 🙂 ).

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Prime Aque is the back-end guy of Self-Help. He is a blogger and WordPress front-end designer. Importantly, he is a husband and a father of three wonderful kids. His firstborn are twin girls. He loves writing and sharing.

9 thoughts on “Is It True that a Beginner Can Make Money Online Fast?”

  1. Hi Prime,
    You’re so right. Get rich quick can definitely happen overnight if you know how to. If you don’t, then scams and wasting time in worthless programs are like a right of passage. Designate it to experience, you gain necessary insights and skills. Moving forward you know what to avoid, can now plug into the incredible online potential and the sky’s truly your limit.


    • Hello Jen,
      You know what, you and Eric are there, just right behind my back, and you fuel me to stake my claim online, well, not just mine – but ours!!!

      Your article about “get rich quick” is my favorite post here on COD, and I often linked it to my new posts because it is very helpful for newbies… it’s a very helpful piece of advice.

      And one thing that hinder me from achieving my goal, my regular day job – so I am saying goodbye to it… and I am so excited for the year 2014! It would be a big and exciting break!

      Thank you so much Jen, it’s an honor to have your idea here.


  2. Hi Prime,
    Thanks for your email asking for my opinion on this topic. I agree that there are what you call beginners make money online. To be perfectly honest with you and your readers, Making money online is a job, not a hobby. There is no short-cut around making money online. What I see from most of people when they just start their online business is that they lack of patience, dedication, and efforts towards theirs. Thus, they eventually fail. If anyone truly wants to make REAL money online, he/she better spend time learning various skills like SEO, social media, article writing, and etc… The more you know, the better you’re at your online business 🙂

    • Hello Tony,

      Thank you so much! Yes, making money online is not a hobby, it’s a job and it needs focus and determination. You know, I’ve passed my resignation letter Oct. 21 this year because I believe that online business, e.g. blogging, freelance writing, etc, is a lucrative business while gives me the freedom to watch and care for my family at the same time!

      That’s the very reason that I will give my devotion to learn the game!!! You are one of my inspirations, seeing your sites – growing each time I visit them!

      Thank you for giving me and my readers the idea – that will gonna help them make REAL money online!


  3. Hi Prime.

    You and Darren nailed it; blogging and making money money both occur over time, and each skill improves similar to building muscles.

    Slow and steady wins the race. Learn skills, practice and your patient sowing results in consistent reaping.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello Ryan,

      Thank you so much!!! I’ve learnt a lot from Darren Rowse, learning his blogging story is very inspiring, and it can help a lot of beginners to thrive online, whether they are on blogging, freelancing, affiliate marketing, etc.

      Quitter never wins! Slowly but surely! I determined to stake my claim online Sir, and you know, I will gonna consider all your views, experiences and techniques so that I can improve my skills…

      I am ready to learn, learn, learn…


  4. Hey Prime,

    This is such a great article, and I am going to have to share it with others. I really like the analogy of blogging is like working out and gaining muscle. If you have not worked out in a long time it takes a steady work ethic, discipline, and tons of motivation to get the real results your looking for to get your body in shape.

    It goes the same way with blogging! Your going to have to put the work into it, continue to do it over time, and most of be motivated to continue the work. I see so many beginners that just give up once the tough gets going.

    Thanks again for sharing,


  5. Beginners can make money online fast, however not loads of it.
    There are small survey payments that beginners can earn and that’s what it’s all about, getting them started feel what it’s like to paid from home. It’s a great feeling and completely something that is of our time.

    I run a student rewards program strictly to help students earn from their dorm room or house while in school. I merged this program with a survey site that is known to supply beginners with their first taste of online income. This one of the best programs out there to start with. All in all I know for a fact that making money online as a beginner is easy, however you won’t make lots to begin with.

    $1000 in a day? $10,000 in a day? No way. This takes time!

    But an extra $40 in a week. Or $20 a week. Very possible to start.

    Good post prime

  6. Great post Prime. So often people try to make earning money online more complex than it has to be. There was a time when I learned from a ‘guru’ exactly what I had to do to make money, and I couldn’t help thinking it was exactly the same thing that I had been told so many years earlier (and exactly what you have listed here). I’d just thought that it wasn’t complex enough to work, and how wrong I was. Simplicity and consistency is the key.


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