Tricks For First Date Confidence

First dates, I think we all hate them. Yes, we’re super excited to meet and get to know someone new, but on the other hand, there’s so much that could go wrong. Of all the things you’re probably worried about, the thing that’s playing on your mind most is your appearance. Everyone says dress to impress for dates, but how does that help to make a first date more successful?

Obviously, it’s important to look smart and well dressed for a date, but the reason everyone tells you to dress to impress is for your own peace of mind. If we know that we look good, we feel good, which gives our confidence a boost. Yes, we may still be nervous but we won’t be as jittery as we would be if we were worrying about whether our outfit was right. To help you ensure that come date night, your confidence is through the roof, here are a few tips:

Image source: flickr
Image source: flickr

Dress smart and stylishly

The best way to dress for date night, regardless of where you’re going, is smart and stylishly. Obviously, you don’t want to look too dressed up, but you don’t want to look underdressed either. It’s a case of picking an outfit that looks good on, is smart enough for the venue, and has a classy vibe.

Obviously, your priority should be to dress nicely. However, it’s also important that your outfit is comfortable. There’s nothing worse than sitting at dinner in a pair of jeans that are too tight or a top that doesn’t fit properly. Pick clothes that are smart and stylish but also allow you to be comfortable.

Pick the perfect accessories

Every woman knows that when it comes to date night, getting your accessories right are crucial. From your bag to your shoes, it’s vital that you think every accessory through carefully. If you want to give your confidence a boost, make sure to pick pieces that work with your outfit and boost your confidence.

If you love how your legs look in high heels, wear heels. (Just make sure you can walk in the pair you pick.) If you love gold jewellery, opt for gold coloured pieces. If you love wearing coloured contact lenses, wear red, yellow or green contact lenses. Pick accessories that not only compliment your look but also, boost your confidence.

Get your makeup right

When you’re meeting someone for the first time, it can be tempting to overdo your makeup, to ensure you look ‘perfect’. Don’t make this mistake, instead aim to wear your makeup in a way that allows you to show off your natural beauty.

To get some ideas for the perfect look, check out a few natural date night tutorials on YouTube. To boost your confidence when it comes to your makeup look, try it out a couple of days before. If you love how you look, that’s great, if not, it might be wise to try out a few other looks.

First dates are always going to be stressful and nerve wracking, but by taking note of these tips you can give your confidence the boost it needs.

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