Travel Wardrobe: Clothes You Should Bring on Trips

St. Augustine once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

How true that statement is! The world is vast and there are so many things to see. Whether we are hit by wanderlust, bitten by the travel bug, or just told to travel somewhere by your boss, you can never be too prepared for a trip. Whatever our purpose for taking a trip, we surely don’t want to be burdened by luggage. We don’t want to be caught unprepared, either. What if we get dragged to a late evening party in a fancy restaurant? What if the clothes we want to borrow for the night is too big or too tight? What if we suddenly go swimming in the middle of winter?! (To be fair, hot springs sometimes spring up in the middle of snowy valleys, like in Japan). Of course, aside from toiletries and essential undergarments, what kind of clothes should we bring on trips, to prepare us for possible spontaneous outing?

Clothes to Bring When You Travel:

  • a plain shirt that’s either black or white

Why not a patterned one? Stripes and dots? The reason is simple: Plain shirts (or shirts with minimal designs or prints) can match any other kind of accessory or clothing. When the shirt is white, it can still match a jacket that’s black. When the shirt is black, it can match a hat that’s bright-colored or dark-colored. White and black are neutral colors so they can be matched by other pieces of clothing with different colors.

  • a blazer/jacket/hoodie/sweater

I have a cotton black blazer that can be used in formal and informal setting. Having a blazer can be paired with your plain shirt for a conference. It can also be used when your colleagues are planning to hit the mall or the bars after a long seminar. You can also bring a hoodie for less formal trips. It can also double as your sleeping top, but if the hoodie is not to your taste, you can wear a sweater. A sweater can both be worn for formal and informal setting. It’s always a good idea to bring a piece of clothing that can serve more than one purpose!

  • flat shoes/Converse/doll shoes

I know most women like to wear high heels, but if it’s a trip far from home, wouldn’t it cramp your style if you couldn’t go out with your friends and walk for miles because your feet hurt? Doll shoes, for women, can be worn in formal and informal outings. Also, flat shoes can be worn when you and your friends suddenly decide to hit the beach. Men can still wear low-cut black leather shoes or all-black plimsolls.

  • little black dress

Every woman should have one. Even if you’re not fond of wearing dresses, a simple black dress that’s not too long or too short can be used anywhere! You can use it for formal evening parties or a simple jaunt around a quaint little town. Pair it with flat shoes, and you’re set!

  • long shorts/walking shorts

Most people don’t bring long shorts or walking shorts. They either bring mini-shorts or full-length jeans. Usually, when I go on a trip for only a few days, I bring long shorts instead of jeans. Jeans are heavier and take up more space. I just roll my long shorts and they fit well in small bags. Also, they can match doll shoes or Converse shoes.

So, the next time you travel, try to remember this tip. If you have your own travel wardrobe, feel free to tell us about it in the comments! What do you usually bring on your travels?

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