Travel tips – Know what best summer destination in Philippines

” Why Spend more money to enjoy summer somewhere else, yet you can find better place and not so expensive in Philippines” – bobie cayao

Have you smelt the summer? Have you heard it and felt it? If not dont let the summer pass away without taking the chance to visit the most visited beautiful and amazing places in earth. If you already listed the names of your wanted destination for this summer, check if you have their any places in Philippines? If not, dont forget the beautiful summer destination below.

Boracay Island – One of the most visited beach resort in Philippines and it was determined as one of the best resort that holds a record as the best island in the world. It has white sand, clear blue water, cool place next to paradise.

Punta Bulata – Known as next to paradise, but it is located at Negros Island. Punta bulata characterized with different amazing spot, islets and other nearby island. It has similarity with Boracay, but it has smaller compare to Boracay. Punta Bulata is the beach resort in Occidental that holds records as the place with most visitors during summer.

White Sand Bar Bais – Its on the other side of Negros, this place is located at Oriental situated at Bais. It is unique destination where you can have cottages and bar along the sea shore. White sand bar know for its dolphin viewing. Visitors from different places of the World visit this place to enjoy their summer, to experience the paradise like resort and watch dolphin.


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    • Boracay comes to mind. Bohol is also a great dive site (I haven’t been there though),Plus there are beaches in the north worth exploring.

        • that’s a must-see beach.
          Go to your My published tips under Motivator’s wall then click edit beside the tip you want. This will open the edit view of your post. Click the add media button right below the title and that will take you to the insert media window.
          i’d really like to see some pix..

  1. I envy those who have already planned their summer vacation. I have yet to find a place, book and make the preparation. If work schedule permits. poor me.


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