Top 3 Online Moneymakers While At Home

Making money from home is no longer impossible these days, what with the progressive development of technology and the phenomenal results brought by social networking. Millions of people are now enjoying a decent amount of income without even leaving their houses. If you have the basic skills and knowledge, you can become one of them, too.

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How do people earn money from home, you ask? First, you need to have a reliable Internet connection and a computer. You would also need to have skills such as writing, knowledge in marketing, the interest to learn new skill sets, the enthusiasm to discover new things, and BASIC COMMON SENSE. That’s not too difficult, right?

There are so many options and opportunities online, but we will go through them as we go along. This post will just talk about the Top 3 methods on how to earn money online.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Do you have any idea what is affiliate marketing and how to make money quick and easy money out of it?

Okay, to understand it better, let’s talk about Affiliate Marketing first. According to my simplified version of the definition given, affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services offered by companies to increase their sales. Once someone buys the product using your affiliate link or website, you will earn a percentage of it as your commission. Many products and services pay up to 50% commission on each sale made by the affiliate.

How can you do affiliate marketing?

There are various ways, but let’s stick to the most effective ones:

  1. Promote your affiliate links or affiliate banners at your own blog. You can also write quality reviews for some chosen products and publish them to drive traffic and make sales.
  2. Make use of social networks. I know some people are just using Facebook and Twitter to get updates from their friends and relatives, uploading photos and tagging. Do you know it could be also one of the fast ways to make money online? Post and tweet your affiliate links, ask hundreds of your friends to check it out!
  3. Create a Hub at Hubpages or Make your Lens at Squidoo and promote your affiliate links. Anyway, posting articles there should be of standard, those sites have set some rules to follow, in order to succeed—carefully read the terms of service first. Always bear in mind that you should also exert effort; you can’t make money by not giving your best shot!
Here are some helpful resources:
  • What is Affiliate Marketing? – Sir Darren Rowse had simplified the explanation of affiliate marketing in his article. Read readers’ comments and learn more about it so that you can make money on the internet free as soon as you feed yourself with the necessary information and “how to”.
  • How to Start Affiliate Marketing? – This post is a detailed explanation about affiliate marketing which will tell you how to start doing this free.
Make Money On The Internet Free By Joining The Best Affiliate Marketing Sites

It’s my mission to surf the internet for the best affiliate networks you can join to make money on the internet free. I read reviews before listing them down, but I always want to remind you to verify information presented. All of us are trying to help you make money, but just like teaching you the words of the Bible, you are required to open the pages so that you can see the actual Words of God.

  • Commission Junction (CJ) – CJ has been in business since 1998, through the years, it has built a solid reputation. Unlike other affiliate networks, Commission Junction opened doors for every niche blogs and websites to promote wide range of products. Publishers (Affiliate marketers who use blog to promote products and services) have variety of choices, whether you are concentrating in a single or multiple niches.
  • ClickBank – It’s a huge marketplace for all types of digital products. Are you addicted with digital gadgets? You can now carefully choose one or two products, write an honest and a comprehensive review about them and make money on the internet free.
2. Sell Your Photography Online

This is considered as one of the fast ways to make money online. Most businesses need stock photos for their products and packaging. Website designers use images to design great web themes and templates, several of them used stock photos for redistribution, or free downloads for their clients. Most blog owners subscribe or purchase stock photos online to spice up their post with rich images. In that light, the rule of photographers is very much needed. Do you love taking quality photos? Sell them and make money on the internet free. Royalty free stock photo sites will not ask you money to upload your photos and sell them to their regular customers.

In addition, are you an expert in creating quality illustrations and graphics? The enumerated sites below won’t just sell images, but they also offer various high quality illustrations and graphics that can help web publishers to make their publications more engaging to their readers.

How To Make Money Quick And Easy By Istockphoto, Dreamstime, Bigstock, Fotolia, 123Rf And Many Other Royalty Free, Microstock Photography Providers

You will earn from 15% to 63% per download. Customers might opt to purchase royalty free, or extended rights images and the company will pay you in different rates. Istockphoto, for example, gives you a chance to become their exclusive contributor which entitles you to earn up to 45%, and that includes more benefits. Fotolia, for instance, will give you the chance to earn up to 63% from a single image download that is based on portfolio exclusivity and ranking. New contributors earn less, but as you continue to provide quality output, you can earn a decent amount from your photos.

Quick Tips: To become a stock contributor, you need to submit a number of images for quality and suitability check. All uploaded images go to the inspection queue for quality assurance check whether you are worth to make money online for free. To make sure that all your photos will be approved, use your skill, make use of your talent and capture the best sets of images ever in your life!

3. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry is one of the easiest freelance jobs and fast ways to make money online. What is data entry in a definition everyone can understand? Data entry jobs can be also called typing jobs. Physically, your fingers do the job, yet, it requires alertness of the mind to avoid mistakes. This can also be defined as speed typing, because most companies will require anyone for Keystrokes per Minute. Typists can also be called transcribers, because, mainly, you are going to transfer information into another medium, say from printed materials to the online forms of the company.

oDesk as a Freelance Platform

My Aunt worked from home via ODesk. She does data entry jobs. She has chosen to work hourly, and she has installed the system to track her activity. It’s free to join and there are no membership or upgrade fees. oDesk will just take 10% of your income. Anyway, my first impression was that Odesk is purely a data entry job, however, it is not. It’s one of the largest freelance sites that connect employers and employees to do contract together. Employers hire freelancers to do specific tasks. Anyhow, Odesk is a rich resource for various data entry jobs in an hourly basis or fixed contract price. I have enjoyed reading some honest reviews about Odesk, and all I can say is, nothing is perfect. Odesk has both the good side and the bad, but the bottom line there is—you are paid for you accomplished work. Let me write a review in behalf of my aunt. She had resigned from his call center job (another outsourcing business), and decided to work from home with his husband. Though the income is not stable, she has made higher sums of money than being employed offline, and she has more time with her family. Data entry jobs or any freelance tasks might not be the easiest way to make money, yet it’s one of the decent and fast ways to make money online.


“Money” is real online. You can make good use of your free time to start building your online living and discover the easiest to make money online for free. Not all methods are fast and quick but let yourself realize that you have a “great” potential to make decent money online, which will give you more time for your family. Do not be imprisoned at the office with all your boring paperwork. If you are anything like me, I will give myself a bit of freedom from a 9-5 job and maybe earn some recurrent and passive income while I do what I like doing most.

One of my friends aptly said, “Being employed will just give you no chance to live a happy, productive and free life.” What you experience today as a worker will be the same situation you will experience the rest of your life. You make your boss richer, while you stay on the same ground – no improvement. Find ways, find some escape. Venture out and discover the best ways to make money online.

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