Tips to wear jewelry without overdoing it

No woman can ever have enough jewelry. It is a well-known fact that one piece of jewelry can literally make or break your outfit. It has an ability to transform the entire outfit and add volumes to it. You can pick something plain and turn it into something that is simply wow. You can take a black dress and make it unique by a simple addition of a necklace. You can also take unpolished nails and make the outfit elegant by adding a cocktail ring to it. If you know how to style your jewelry, you have found the key to outfit success. There is nothing like a piece of statement jewelry in your wardrobe.


If you own classic and statement jewelry pieces, you need to know how to style it in an ideal manner. It is not easy to style jewelry for different occasions and once you master the trick, you have won it. You can rock the night if you know how to wear your pieces in style. Always keep the below-mentioned tips in mind so as to ensure that you are ready for any occasion.


Never overdo it

It is a well-known fact that less is more and when it comes to jewelry, less is always more. Let the statement piece speak for itself and do not overdo it. It will lose its charm if you make it compete for attention. When you overdo it, you could end up looking like a voodoo woman and not an elegant and classy fashionista. For example, if you own a statement necklace, you should not wear heavy earrings with the same. It will look over the top. Statement earrings or a bracelet or even a ring can work well together but they should be far enough apart to not look very crowded. You need to bring something which will separate the entire look.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you need to notice the outfit and the jewelry. Does the jewelry take all the attention? Does it make you look elegant or overdone? If you feel that the only thing about your look is your jewelry, then you need to remove a few pieces and only wear one statement piece which blends with the outfit.


Keep the outfit basic

If you want to wear a statement piece of jewelry, you need to ensure that the jewelry does the talking and not the outfit. The outfit should be simple and elegant. It should not attract too much attention and should not overpower the jewelry. A simple, understated dress is an ideal backdrop for classy jewelry. Now if you wear an elaborate dress and an elaborate piece of jewelry, there will be a lot of things going wrong here. If you love your dress too much, you need to wear a single statement piece and if you love the jewelry too much, you would not want the dress to compete with it. Let the jewelry take the center stage at all times.


Be wise when you pick jewelry

You need to shop for your jewelry with care and patience. Do not rush it otherwise you could end up throwing away your money. When shopping for jewelry, you need to consider the outfit that will go with it and not consider the look on its own. You could also look into the men’s section which has classic pieces that can make an interesting and edgy statement. You can rock out this 14k gold chain with a beautiful and well-fitted dress. It is worth keeping your skin tone in mind. Always look at your skin tone under natural sunlight and choose metal that fits your skin tone.

If you have a cooler skin tone, you need to opt for white gold, silver, and platinum while the ones with a warmer tone can wear yellow metal like copper as well as rose gold. The ones that have a mixed skin tone are the lucky ones, they can wear any metal and it will suit them. Everyone has a different skin tone, hence, if you are looking to buy a gift for someone, you need to keep their skin tone in mind in order to ensure that you make the right choice.


Learn to create an outfit

You cannot simply pick a dress and a piece of jewelry and expect it to work. You will have to work around the outfit and create one which will fit perfectly for the occasion. Based on the occasion, you can choose a piece of jewelry and a dress and then work around the same. You also need to do the makeup and hair which will go with the jewelry. Do not pick a piece of jewelry after choosing the dress or doing the makeup. You own a statement piece and it should make a statement. This can only be achieved when you work with the desired look and try to make your outfit and jewelry be more than they actually are. When you create an outfit, the statement piece should fit in with ease and your hair and makeup should fall naturally.


Keep your neckline in mind

Whenever you are choosing jewelry, you will have to keep the color and style of the outfit in mind. However, the main consideration for you should be the neckline. Different types of styles have different necklines and if you get it wrong, you could ruin the look. If you are own a statement piece, you would not want to ruin it by wearing it with a dress that has a neckline which overpowers the jewelry. It will make you look awkward and overdressed. You can wear your statement pieces with any dress that is strappy or has a scooped neckline. High neck outfits, as well as halters, can make the neckline look very crowded.

A stylish piece of jewelry can turn the outfit into super stylish if you can follow these basic styling rules.


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