Tips To Squeeze The Juice Out Of New Mexico

Dear reader … you must visit new mexico!

New Mexico Tour Tips How To Welcome Trip Travel Vacation HolidayNew Mexico is a state with a variety of tourist attractions, in my experience the brochures you find at the hotels helps a little to live the experience but they are very focused on museums and that sort of things.

Now, I have nothing against museums, I actually visited a few on my tour, but let’s be honest, one does not take vacations to visit museums.

So if you are planning to enjoy a good holiday soon and you still have not chosen a destination let me share with you what I experienced and the places I visited on my honeymoon in New Mexico state

(I selected the places I liked the most to do this shortly).



  • White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument New Mexico Tour Tips How To Welcome Trip Travel Vacation HolidayA must-visit.

Imagine a completely white desert, wherever you turn around you see a permanently white horizon, is like walking into salt, the most fun thing here is to practice sand surfing.

Pros: Admission is free but you have to rent tables for sand surfing.
Cons: Be prepared to end with sand in your shoes, even in your underwear.

Where is this?



  • White Sands Missile RangeWhite Sands Missile Range New Mexico Tour Tips How To Welcome Trip Travel Vacation Holiday

    Interesting place to take pictures with a lot of different missiles, if you have time I recommend you to stop by, or you can continue to Alamogordo where you can see rockets and missiles too.

Where is this?



  • Alamogordo, NM

Internations Museum of Aerospace Science Space History Toy Train Depot New Mexico Tour Tips How To Welcome Trip Travel Vacation HolidayMy number one on the list, reasonably priced hotels, friendly people, great weather. Alamogordo is a city for Aerospace Science lovers, and even for those who are not they won’t be able to reject the temptation to take pictures in front of lots of planes, rockets and missiles at:

  • NEW MEXICO MUSEUM OF SPACE HISTORY: It can be free or not, on the outside there are plenty of rockets and aircrafts, you can take lots of pictures here, but you can also pay the museum admission which has a cost of 6 dollars per adult. It also has an IMAX screen where you can watch an interesting documentary. Directions
  • TOY TRAIN DEPOT: I’ll be honest, it’s simply a huge collection of toy trains, however, is impressive. Directions
    • Other places are: Alameda Park Zoo, Bowling’s Running Indian and Shroud Exhibit And Museum.
Pros: Of all New Mexico, I found the friendliest people in Alamogordo.
Cons: The city is infested with flying grasshoppers, this may not be the entire year (I went in summer).


  • The World’s Biggest Pistachio

Worlds Largest Pistachio Nut McGinns Tree Ranch Winery New Mexico Tour Tips How To Welcome Trip Travel Vacation HolidayYou finish hanging around in Alamogordo and take the road to Ruidoso, suddenly to one side of the road you see a giant Pistachio! A good place to stop and take pictures, you can also buy pistachios with chocolate, caramel, flavored with ranch, chili and more.

Where is this?



  • Lincoln National Forest

A huge forest where you can see very beautiful scenery, you can camp, it is also located between Alamogordo and Ruidoso. Directions


  • Ruidoso, NM

Pillows Funtrackers Mini Golf Go Karts Mountain Maze Ski Apache Winter Park Hubbard Museum Billy The Kid New Mexico Tour Tips How To Welcome Trip Travel Vacation HolidayI’ll be completely honest; Ruidoso was a small disappointment for me, but that is largely due to the treatment I received from the people, I can not generalize, but in my experience many people treated me in a dry mode, I don’t know how to explain it. Anyway, many agree that one should visit Ruidoso in winter, in my case (as I mentioned) I went in summer, although there are some parks that make their own snow to ski, but I think the experience is lived best if you go in winter. Even so I tried to make the most of this city.

My recommended places are:

  • RUIDOSO WINTER PARK: A bit far from the city, recommended to experience skiing. Directions
  • PILLOW’S FUNTRACKERS: Excellent place to have fun, there are Go Karts, you can get lost in the Mountain Maze, play Mini Golf, there are Bumper Boats among other things. Directions
  • BILLY THE KID CASINO: I won a dollar here! so, what are you waiting for? It also has a huge Horse Racetrack. Directions
  • THE MOUNTAIN. Just get lost on the hill above town (there are deer walking outside houses).
  • SKI APACHE: As I had been skiing at Ruidoso Winter Park I only visited Ski Apache to take the Gondola Ride, great view, but a bit pricey for my taste. Directions
  • HUBBARD MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAN WEST: Outside you can take pictures with huge horses (statues) and you can enter the museum which is interesting. Directions
  • If you are a horse lover then Ruidoso is a place for you (even if is not winter).
  • Actually Ruidoso is a beautiful and colorful town.
  • 80% of the people I dealt with were not very friendly.
  • If you are a smoker you will suffer in Ruidoso, you can not smoke in open spaces, you’ll be fined if you do, there are specific smoking bars.
  • Most cabins have a high price.



  • Roswell, NM

Roswell UFO Alien International Museum Spring River Zoo Zone New Mexico Tour Tips How To Welcome Trip Bottomless Lakes Travel Vacation HolidayUFOs! Aliens everywhere!

A quick stop, Roswell has much to offer but … it’s all about aliens, even McDonald’s is a spaceship (well, one of them) at downtown you will find souvenirs of aliens, UFOs and practically wherever you go everything will be customized in a spacial style.

Most interesting places are:

  • ALIEN ZONE: You can take lots of pictures in its small Alien museum . Directions. Along the same street you can find the:
  • IINTERNATIONAL UFO MUSEUM: If you visit Alien Zone first then this museum will probably be tedious to you, but if you haven’t had enough with the UFO experience then take the tour, it’s quite interesting. Directions
  • SPRING RIVER PARK & ZOO: A free place! Excellent for a picnic, is a medium-sized zoo and a very good alternative to escape from the UFO Fever. Directions
  • BOTOMLESS LAKES STATE PARK: Natural beauty, good place for hiking and camping, but it is a bit out of the city. Directions
Pros: Roswell is particularly fun for kids, but as an adult you can also enjoy.
Cons: Not a place to be more than 2 days, it becomes tedious.
  • Vaughn, NM

Located between Roswell and Santa Fe, is a quaint little town worth knowing, I recommend you buy fried chicken at the store of the Conoco gas station (to accompany your journey) or in front of that same gas station you can stop at the 50’s style Dinner Stop (both locations next to the road).


  • Santa Fe,  NM

Santa Fe Plaza Opera House St Lorettos Chapel New Mexico Tour Tips How To Welcome Trip Travel Vacation HolidaySanta Fe is practically an old colloquial town, almost all the attractions are at the downtown, you feel as if you traveled to the past, the buildings are like from an Apache village. The points of interest are:

  • SANTA FE PLAZA: Cultural events, people dancing or resting on the grass, live music, this is the heart of Santa Fe, around it there are all the souvenir shops (I do not recommend buying here, but … it’s up to you), there are also many cafes, perhaps more than it should be. Directions
  • ST. LORETTO CHAPEL: Even if you’re not religious you can satisfy your curiosity here, basically it is a staircase whose construction was and still is a mystery since it doesn’t have a single screw (or nails) and still stands firm. Directions
  • SANTA FE OPERA HOUSE: The ideal is to attend and event here, otherwise the visit will be to know the place (and the gift shop), but again, to witness an event here is amazing. Directions
  • NEDRA MATTEUCCI GALLERIES: A gallery experience is compounded by a beautiful garden, is worth it. Directions 
  • Santa Fe is a city for dogs lovers, you’ll see a lot of people walking their dogs at the downtown.
  • Everything is relatively close (except for the Opera House).
  • Locals know how to make use of whatever, I saw a wooden doll which cost was $500 Dollars!, in fact everything is expensive here.



  • Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque Old Town Central Ave Murder Mystery Dinner Sandia Peak Tramway Tingley Beach Itz Fun Family Cliffs Amusement Park New Mexico Tour Tips How To Welcome Trip Travel Vacation HolidayThis place combines natural beauty with the privileges of a big city, lots of attractions here, my recommended are:

  • MURDER MYSTERY DINNER EVENT: Imagine dinner while you are part of a game at the pure style of “Clue”, the guests will discover who is the murderer that night, it’s fun. Directions
  • SANDIA PEAK TRAMWAY: If you didn’t live the experience of the cableway in Ruidoso here’s one more chance, do not hesitate to visit, great view! Directions
  • TINGLE BEACH: Obviously not a beach, I would describe it as an “Artificial Lake”. Nice place to feed ducks, swimming is not allowed so it’s a just a quick stop for knowing. Directions
  • ISLETA CASINO & RESORT: A huge casino with a bar where people dance country music (that’s what I saw). In “The Show Room” there is generally good concerts, I planned my vacation to make this my ultimate destination and attend a concert here.  Directions
  • CLIFF’S AMUSEMENT PARK: You can read a few reviews, some people agree that this place is expensive, others disagree, but we all agree that is a fun place. Directions
  • OLD TOWN. Historic, but not much to see, excellent choice to buy souvenirs and maybe eat something, worth visiting. Directions 
  • iT’Z FAMILY FUN: Hours of fun playing video games and eating pizza (and other things) at the buffet, kids have fun, adults become children again, highly recommended. Directions
  • CENTRAL AVENUE. Cinemas, theaters, nightclubs for all tastes, the downtown is truly a very nice ride, my advice: don’t go too far walking, some places near the center are left alone and can be dangerous. Directions
  • Albuquerque is a city that many artists schedule in their tours, all you have to do is sync your holiday with an event of your interest.
  • Some destinations may take up to 30 or 40 minutes or even more to get, you’re probably used to it (but probably not).


In Conclusion

Sorry I can not speak of Taos, NM. I had to miss this destination due to lack of time, but many people recommended me this place, I’ll may be go in the future. I hope my review will help to encourage you to visit New Mexico, for me it was a trip I’ll never forget, in general terms I can say that the state has the following pros and cons:


Road Trip New Mexico Tour Tips How To Welcome Trip Travel Vacation HolidayPros:
  • You can cross New Mexico by car, it’s a small state, I don’t consider it necessary to take a single plane, also if you make stops lasting 1 to 2 days you can go to all the destinations mentioned in a week.
  • Roads in good condition.
  • Lots of natural beauty.
  • You can squeeze the juice out of New Mexico without severely affect your pocket (this of course depends directly on the places you visit).
  • Besides hotels there and many cabins to stay, but many of them are expensive.
  • The state law prohibits to transport open containers of alcohol, even if you haven’t taken a single drop of alcohol this merits jail, you can only transport alcohol containers tightly sealed.


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    • Totally recommended. As I said it doesn’t have to be expensive, you can save $700 (more or less) and make it come true.

        • Really? Then Albuquerque is your place, there’s a place called Abuelita’s New Mexican Kitchen, the manager was very kind to me and the coffee… OMG the coffee (thumb up)

        • Really? Then Albuquerque is your place, there’s a place called Abuelita’s New Mexican Kitchen, the manager was very kind to me and the coffee… OMG the coffee (thumb up)


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