Tips to Set up Advertising Balloons for Business Promotion

Location of any business plays key role as it directly related to the visibility of the business. It is vital to find a location that can be easily found by new customers. If you want to take full advantage of your location to tap new customers, location based advertisement is very important. Giant balloons that are made in the shape of product you offering do wonders. Advertising balloons and inflatable characters are perfect choice as they are the best way of new customers who are searching for you. You can even grab the attention of those customers who never noticed your shop before.

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You can rent an advertising balloon or purchase custom made advertising balloon as per your choice. You can get an array of types and sizes to choose from. You can opt from cold air inflatable, parade balloons, helium blimps, giant helium balloons etc. You can even go for dancing balloons that demonstrate your business theme.

giant balloon

The best part of these giant advertising balloons is that you can use them anywhere at any time. You can use them on the streets, over the stadium or top of a tall building, trade shows, fund raising events. This will enhance your client relationship. Compared to billboard fees, rental fees and other advertisement costs, using giant balloons cost much less. Thus, with limited budget, you can attract more customers.

It is wise to use metal stakes or augers. Metal stakes should be 18 to 42 inches long, sturdy and heavy duty. You can anchor your advertising balloons using augers as well. Make sure there are no underground wires, pipes where you are driving stakes or augers.

Ensure to know about the nearest plug. If you use an extension cord, ensure to get a heavy duty, outdoor extension cord. In order to hold your giant balloon, you can use rope or tethers. When purchasing rope, make sure to get high quality, mountaineering grade.

Ensure to use a heavy-duty knot such as marine knot. Tethering is the stronger option as it ensures your advertising balloons don’t fly away and stay upright. Concisely, advertising balloon is a flying ambassador to your business. They are not only pretty but also effective.

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3 thoughts on “Tips to Set up Advertising Balloons for Business Promotion”

  1. These promotional items can do wonders for a business. They may cost a bit but I think it is worth the price. Plus, they are so darn cute I want one for our house. LOL

  2. Great tips Meen. If you budget correctly, the cost of these inflatable devices is negligible. They pay for themselves. Always consider what they will bring in “future” business. Thanks for sharing this useful post!


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