Tips to Make More Friends in D2D

“No man is an island”, these are the famous words of John Donne.  To this day, it stresses the fundamental truth that humans are social beings.  In a community like Day2DayTips, having friends will enrich one’s experience.  However, friends don’t just appear from nowhere.  Every motivator needs to make a little effort to build friendships and nurture them.

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1. Write D2D Tips regularly

In order for you to grow the number of your friends here at D2D, one should publish tips regularly.  The more you publish, the more members get to know you.  Moreover, the types of Tips you share in our community will reflect topics that you are passionate about.

  • Write about topics you like
  • Share tips about your experiences
  • Be inspired what is going on around you
  • Share your expertise
  • Take a comment from a Tip and explore it further

2. Read and comment on tips

Another integral part of being a member of a community like ours is to read the Tips of others.  In addition, it is important that we share our own ideas about the topic.  This is where it gets more interesting.  Since everyone has unique experiences, sharing them in the comments area will make the discussion more enriching.  Again, this is a splendid way to get to know other motivators as well as letting others learn about you.

  • Share your honest opinion politely
  • Understand differences such spiritual/religious philosophies, political views, backgrounds and beliefs
  • Leave meaningful comments that will nurture friendship
  • Be insightful

3. Send private or public messages

There are instances when sending messages to other motivators can be a tool to strengthen friendships.  You can go to their profile page and click send public or private message.  Here you can talk about numerous topics and engage in conversations.

  • Do not stalk or spam
  • Keep in mind that public messages are well public.
  • Choose your language and words always  -you don’t want to offend others

4. Invite people to join our community

Creating more friends in D2D does not have to be hard.  One way to build a bigger group of friends in D2D is to invite your friends from other communities.  You can invite friends and coworkers who haven’t tried online communities.

  • Use social media to introduce D2D and invite them to join
  • Tell your officemates, classmates or family about the community
  • Share tips whether your own or by other motivators
  • Tell others the benefits of joining D2D

5. Be a helping hand

Who does not like people who extend a hand to help?  In order to get more friends in D2D, one can try to share what they know about the site.  As one becomes used to the site, one can be a resource to others.  Lend a helping hand and you will surely earn more friends.

  • Teach new members how to publish their first Tip
  • Show them different features of the site
  • Tell them the mechanics of the latest contest

6. Encourage others

Writing does not come natural for many.  Members of the community range from seasoned pros to neophytes to online writing.  A community like ours does not discriminate because of skill level.  In fact, we are here to encourage writing, sharing and of course earning.  As members of D2D we can help others by encouraging them to write more, improve their skills, explore topics and share their expertise.

  • Encourage through comments
  • Link a motivator’s Tips in your own published work
  • Leave positive comments and messages
  • Suggests ways to improve

Remember that we are Motivators and not just online writers!

No man is an island.  D2D is definitely a thriving community of people willing to share and nurture other members.  When we do our part we create stronger ties between members.  It is when these ties grow that we can truly benefit from the friendships that we create.

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32 thoughts on “Tips to Make More Friends in D2D”

  1. Very well-written tips. This site has its unique characteristics than other sites where readers could learn a lot from writers who share their knowledge and experiences.

    • D2D will endeavor to make the experience of its motivators unique and fruitful. D2D seeks to provide a platform where everyone can motivate, share and of course earn. Here we have numerous earning opportunities. As one grows his/her circle of friends, he/she will fully enjoy the perks of being part of the D2D family.

  2. This is a very wonderful post. I hope this community grows rapidly because I love being a motivator here:-)

    • With everyone’s help, this community will grow. Once you get hooked on D2D it’s just hard to stop sharing Tips.

  3. Great tip for the community! Members should realize that more than just posting their tip, they would earn, too from interacting with fellow members- earning a few dollars and gaining new friends.

    • That’s true, this is a community and creating strong friendships drive this community to greater heights.

        • It’s cool to have friends from different walks of life and from different places. It gets more interesting to discuss topics with them. The cultural differences is just phenomenal. We can learn a thing or two from others.

  4. Wonderful tips and interaction is the key to any site, as are friends, new and old – anywhere.

    Problem: I don’t know how to link a post with one of mine, help?

    • In the Add new Tip page chose “text” in the editor – that’s on the top right side. you can create a link to another tip by highlighting a text and clicking “link” or the chain icon. Just place the URL of the Tip here and you’re done.

      • Thank you, I just figured it out, but I haven’t finished with them yet, there are too many. And now, we write our flu tips?

  5. I am totally speechless.. can I just “nod my head and show my thumbs up”?
    ahhh I know what to comment.. I AGREE.. I AGREE with the glittering pompoms… while jumping on a trampoline..

    • Now that was a vivid i agree. LOL Thank you for that cheerful cheerleader comment. The trampoline was a unique addition.

    • Hello there @claramyers:disqus nice of you to drop by my Tip. We can all take action and help our D2D community grow.

  6. I want to give this tip 10 stars…5 just are not enough to say how well written and meaningful this post is! Really awesome way to describe how we can make friends and enrich our lives by learning from each other’s experiences. Excellent!

    • Thank you for the kind words @gulrukhtausif:disqus D2D thrives on nurturing friendships. This is a community of people who shares with the world. What better way to encourage sharing than through friendship.

  7. You should make it as a eBook, brilliant tip JP as you’ve illustrated what newbies like and want to know. The private message feature helps me two times when I’ve posted one post two times, but thank god was saved when I’ve messaged one of the admin.

    Thumps up!

    • Thanks @Educateurself1:disqus we all start from somewhere and regardless if we’re new or a pioneer, we can’t dispense with creating strong ties.


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