Tips To Help You Maintain A Great Flexible Body

Get Your Flexible Body:

Flexibility doesn’t have to do with age at all, a lot of people think that if they’re old or not young enough to perform exercises that need flexibility but in fact all of this just depends on how much a person would practice certain movements and exercises each and everyday.

Why would you need a flexible body?

A flexible body can be helpful for many kinds of sports such as contortion, gymnastics, martial arts and some others.

A flexible body can be very helpful for dancers and the ones who would love to start dancing or learning this, for whatever the type of dancing would be: Hip hop, classic ballet, Jazz, contemporary, salsa and some others.

A flexible body can be also something sexy for your partner.


So what are the tips into keeping or maintaining a body its flexibility?

1- Practice Everyday:

Try to not skip even one day from exercising and practicing because the body – just like the brain- needs practice to keep the muscles always ready and the tissues stretched.

You can do that right after waking up or before going to bed, it would be extra great if you practice right after waking up and before sleeping both in the same day.


2- Not less than 20-30 minutes:

A lot of you might practice and work out on daily basis but they do not realize that they’re exercising for a very short time or an extensive one, most recommended is between 20 and 30 minutes every day, try to work on stretching your muscles and tissues instead of building them up.


3- Don’t stress yourself:

As we mentioned before, don’t work out for more than 30 minutes because it can be stressful to most of you especially if you’re a beginner in this or if you haven’t been working out since a quite long time.

Besides, if you stress yourself you’ll have to skip perhaps 2 days until you feel strong again to practice the stretching exercises again, yes?

You may have a rest for about 2-4 minutes if you really feel tired after a certain movement or a stretch, you totally don’t have to rush anything because everything in life needs time anyways and not everything can happen as the speed of light.


4-Do stretching exercises:

The stretching exercises can have many levels depending on what you’re capable of doing, some of them are for beginners and others for intermediates and the rest for the athletes.

There are many stretching exercises, find the ones that you’re capable of doing and start off with them and you will be gradually adding more and more new exercises to the list of the exercises that you can do.

Some of the simple stretching exercises include:

-Cat stretch: Simple for beginners

-Anterior tibialis: Easy for everyone

-Child’s pose: Everyone can do this!

-Front Leg Ralses: Good for your legs flexibility.


You can find other stretching exercises online or by the help of your trainer/Gym coach if there’s any or if you’re a member in a Gym club or something.


I hope you find this beneficial.

If you have any additional tips to add to this subject then please feel free to add it in the comment box down here! Share your knowledge and let’s learn together!

15 thoughts on “Tips To Help You Maintain A Great Flexible Body”

  1. I used to be more active when I was younger. I had exercise routines that helped me with my strength endurance and flexibility. However, that’s all gone now and it is taking a toll on my body.

    • I guess you should really get back to being active, it’s not only good for giving you flexibility but it’s also good to keep healthier and give you stronger bones and muscles! It’s never too late to start..

      • you just don’t know how lazy I am when it comes to :”exercising” so.. to beat that… just spread the mat on the floor… and eventually after a few seconds.. I am up to my toes already doing the positions.

        But i look funny when I am doing the positions. hahaha

        • Perhaps you may think you look funny when you do the positions but you won’t think like this anymore when you see how your body starts to get in a perfect shape πŸ˜€


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