Tips To Help You Heal And Settle Emotionally After A Break Up

Break Ups

We all know how some people might really get affected after breaking up with the ones that they have loved especially if the relationship was a very long lasting one and we’re not talking about months here we’re talking about years!

A lot of people might really not find themselves capable of moving on fast and it just takes so much to forget, yes I know how hurtful it would be. You’d most likely feel as if a part of your heart was just lost, this is happened to me and it happens for others too.

The good thing is that there are actually many things that we can all do in order to get rid of the unending thoughts and to relieve our minds for a bit so let’s list them.

1- Cry! It’s Good:

Crying really helps in recovering and getting everything out, whether you’re a man or a woman there’s nothing wrong about crying.

In fact crying does not only help in relieving your mind but it also helps in washing your eyes and in cleaning them!

Don’t over-react with this whole thing though, crying too much is not good.


2- Don’t Listen To Sad Songs:

Listening to sad songs can make you feel worse so why would you add up more sadness into your heart? Yes, really songs can have a big effect upon changing people’s moods where sad songs would make you feel sad and happy songs would make you feel happy and so on!

3- Don’t End The Relationship Upon Hating:

Ending relationships upon hating and adding more negativity into the situations might get you worse and if it’s your fault or if it’s you the one who started it then it might make you guilty thus getting you more sad and angry, avoid getting into problems with the one that you’d have broken up with and let things pass even if you’ve been hurt big time from him/her, don’t forget that life is a circle and what comes around goes around!

4- Look At The Positives That You’ve Earned:

A lot of people look for the negative things that they might be getting after break ups, however,they do not take into consideration that break ups can be useful sometimes even if you think what just happened is bad – in general- a lot of bad things may happen to you where you would think they’re actually bad but in reality they would be happening for your own sake so don’t you ever hate what you get.

Look for the positive things that you get like the valuable lessons learned, the good times that you’ve spent, be happy that it happened and it’s done and in the end this is life, whether we like it or not it’s not going to please everybody and if it does it’s not going to be pleasing us the whole times so when we can’t change something we have to accept it and seek for the good things that we might be getting out of it.

10 thoughts on “Tips To Help You Heal And Settle Emotionally After A Break Up”

  1. I was into a real serious relationship. We broke up coz it was really bound to end from the start. We were only together for two years but I was only able to move one four years after.

      • Well, when you are cheated it takes years to get over, but at the end you say “thanks for cheating me” otherwise I would have spent years with someone who didn’t love me.

        • Yeah, I agree with you…The best thing to do is to expect everything from anyone and everything so you won’t be surprised once it happens, that’s what I do…

  2. Breaking up someone is hard and moving forward is much harder than this but if it is meant and destined to happen let it happen while the respect for each other is there.


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