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When as students we did a lot of things to help us memorize for the coming exams and finals. Also for the Board exams. Also if we need to memorize a speech, song or drama. There are so many things to do or to help you. Even f we are not that smart but there are methods or tips to help you. Here are some tips I know and also have researched to help others too. We also need to exercise our brain.

Try these tips, some I have been doing too:

  • The use of mnemonic or things that help you remember, may it be tools or word or sentences but mostly abbreviations. For example to remember the colors of the rainbow in order, they have come up with : ROY G  BIV  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet; the first letters of the colors. Also I saw this and asked my daughter if they were also taught this in music : Every Good Boy Does Fine/FACE – used to remember the  musical notation, those treble clef notes on the lines (E, G, B, D, F) and those on the spaces (F, A, C, E). They were taught that. There are so many like how to remember the planets of the universe, mathematical order of operations, (I need to remember this) : Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally – parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.
  • Repetition – when you want to remember a telephone number, a combination we have the tendency to repeat it over and over so it will stick in your mind. We can say it out loud, in our mind or write it down and read it over and over again. When we study we read the topic a couple of times. write down the pointers and memorize it by repeating it over and over.
  • Listen to it often. If it is a song we can play it over and over again, sing along with it and soon it will be stuck in your head. You can also tape it. Then use a head phone or let it just play and listen. After listening to it a couple of  times, for sure you will remember something. Some even play it while they are in bed ready to sleep. Their minds are relaxed and it will be the last thing you will hear before you fall asleep and some really do remember it in the morning. Like me I have to memorize the song from Frozen “Let it Go” by Friday so I am playing it over and over even while blogging and even singing along. For sure I’ll memorize it. You can also tape your lectures and listen to it later to help you remember by listening to it over and over again.
  • Have No Distractions. Try to pick a quiet place, serene and no one or anything to disturb you. Like the TV, cellphone or laptop should be removed.. But some can concentrate with soft music as a background. But I knew some one who could study and memorize better with rock music. Depends on what makes you tick. You can have food but not too much as sometimes when you are full you get sleepy. Maybe something to drink and light snacks. They say peanuts are brain food.
  • Group Study. If you have groups studies they can help you especially if you do not understand the lecture or subject.There might be people who know it better and can help. Not a really big group but maybe 2-5 in the group. I there are too many, it will be too hard to concentrate.
  • Concentration.  When in school, a lecture or training it is always good to concentrate. Pay attention so you know what is happening. Even when reading, make sure you read the whole thing thoroughly. If you just skim through you might miss an important part.
  • Write it Down. For speeches and talks you can write down the important parts or words to help you remember what you are talking about. You can glance at it once and a while. You can also write down the things you need to do like grocery list and stick it on the refrigerator to remind you what you need. You can write it on the calendar on the dates you need to pay the bills, appointment, turn in assignments so when you look at the calendar you will be reminded. Also place an alarm in your cellphone. If you have a pin board you can stick important things to remember, if near the phone you can place important numbers to call in emergencies.
  • Everything in it’s place and a Place for everything. So you will know where your car keys are, where the can openers and knives are kept. Where your tools are. So make sure there are certain places for your things. You can even label them so you won’t forget. Keep your medicines in their proper places and tag the names of the medicines.
  • Always take a Break. When studying or memorizing, don’t over work your brain or mind. When you have some parts memorized, stop and take a break. Take a nap, eat, play video games, watch a movie, or listen to music.  Anything that does not need your whole concentration. Something that can make feel relaxed and calm.
  • Proper diet and Sleep. To have a healthy mind we also need to eat right and get enough sleep.

Try theses simple steps to help you memorize and remember things. A healthy body makes a healthy mind.


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single mom. I love to cook, read books and most esp., I love dogs. I also love to blog, been blogging since 2012 but still learning. I write blogs for 5 different sites so I am getting more experienced.

10 thoughts on “Tips to Help You Remember and Memorize Things”

  1. Repetition and writing it is one of the best, among those you mentioned tips. Students are advised to do it because according to educators, children easily absorb what their hands are doing, has connection to the brain.

  2. My best way to memorize is to be in a sound-proof room if possible. I don’t want interruptions when I am studying. I will have to eat dinner early and then I would be inside my room where no one is allowed to knock. I wear headphones just to eliminate the sounds inside the house.

  3. Wonderful tips. I remember back in college I had to memorize a lot of information and it can be stressful. Now, I write it down since the signs of aging is screaming at me already. I forget things and I have to remind myself often what I have to do.


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