Tips To Have A Shinier & Longer Hair

Getting a shinier and a longer hair can never be hard, it just needs your attention and persistence.

Nothing works like magic and we all know that, you have to keep on doing these following instructions and tips in order to get the hair that you want!

1- Don’t wash your hair too much:

Washing your hair excessively may not only damage your hair but it might also rid it of its useful natural oils which keep it soft, lively & shiny. Also, washing it a lot may get it breaking & falling easily so avoid losing your hair & let it get taller!

2- Use Special Treatment Creams & Oils:

There are plenty of such creams and oils in the markets and I cannot really recommend you of a specific brand because its availability depends on your country of residence but there are two brands which I’m currently very satisfied with: Dabur Amla & Casanova.

3- Avoid exposing It To Air When It’s Wet.


4- Eat Healthy & Don’t Forget Drinking Enough Water!

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