Tips to be successful

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There are many ways to be successful in any venture in life. Please remember to follow these tips to become successful.

 Discipline is foremost. Once you know what your goals or aims are, work out a plan that suits your lifestyle. Write down your aims. Write down plans that will help you achieve these goals. Is it so hard? Never. Just pick a piece of paper and write your thoughts. You will be surprised at your own ideas.


It is the time to be really busy. Never waste a moment in life. Gather whatever things you have and need for your work and start right away. If it is a business you want to do, then think about what you want to sell. Is it handicraft? Then collect your work, make a portfolio which stands out and advertise it online and offline. You can also advertise it on your vehicle. No one will stop that. If you want to write, and then apply to different sites, gain experience and then work seriously on writing your own book. If it is a job you want, then study courses related to a job that will give you more expertise and pay.


I think by now you must have got what I mean. Never listen to people who like to discourage you. Jealous people never want you to be successful. Trust the superior power and work hard. Everything else will fall into place.

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I am a poet and writer. I also like reading and sharing tips. I hope you like my tips. Do join to share yours.

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2 thoughts on “Tips to be successful”

  1. I don’t like to hang out discouraging people. Although I love to entertain different opinions on a subject, but downright negativity is not helpful.

  2. Having open mind, discipline, hardworking and determination are one of those that a person need to possess to open the door of success, and thank you for sharing this motivational Tips I agree on you.


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