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I don’t know if I have already mentioned it here in that my parents and I will be celebrating New Year’s Eve and New Year in a different country.  If I have not, well, we will be going to Bangkok, Thailand this December for New Year.

This is our first time to celebrate New Year in a different place.  We usually celebrate it at home with their grandchildren.  But now, it is going to be different that is why I am so excited.

My mom has been to Bangkok, Thailand before but as for my me and my dad, it is going to be our first time.  It was a bit hard to book everything especially that my mom is always away so I could not ask her things like if the hotel I picked is fine or what tours is she interested with.  Anyhow, it’s all been done and we are just waiting for the date.

I have traveled a few times already buy always within our country.  But with the help of my friends and brother who traveled a lot, they gave me some tips:

1. Pack light – We will be away for five days only so there is no reason for me to bring my whole closet.  My brother said that the clothes in Bangkok are cheap so I don’t need to bring a lot of clothes me.  I can just buy them there.

2. Have a separate bag for your important stuff – I have this crossbody bag with me.  I used it when I went to Singapore.  I put there the important stuff like passport, camera, wallet, and cellphone.

3. Research – Before leaving your country, make sure you made a lot of research of the place that you are going to.  Check on the neat places that you can go to.  Check also the reviews.  Reviews are really helpful when traveling.  Research on the prices too like cab fares, hotel, novelty items, food, and the like.  At least you already have an idea if the locals are already over-charging you or not.

4. Chargers – In this day and age, we live in technology.  It is really important to bring all chargers like chargers for the phone, tablets, iPads, and cameras.

5. Roaming – Make sure that your phone is on roaming.  My dad got lost in Macau one time and my mom and my brother took an hour to find him simply because his phone was not on roaming.

6. List down the address where you are staying – In case you get lost like what happened to my dad, write down the hotel where you are staying so that you can just hop in to a cab and ask him to bring you to that address.

7. Try not to talk to strangers – I don’t want to be paranoid but if you wish to ask something like directions, I think it is safe to ask the hotel staff, front desk, security guards, or police because strangers might take advantage of the fact that you came from another country.

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