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I started selling online middle of last year.  I have been collecting die-cast toy cars since the early year 2000 but it never occurred to me to sell them until I joined a group in Facebook where collectors of die-cast toy cars were sharing their collection and even selling them.

Because of this group that I have joined, I learned a lot from my collection.  I learned that it is better to stick to one brand or model than collecting all the cars that you think are nice.  Collection can be really expensive if you are not careful with it.  So because of that fact, I stick in collecting only Ferrari Hotwheels and movie themed cars and decided to sell all my extra to that particular site and also to other selling sites online.

I may not be a very professional seller yet because my goal was not to earn money but basically, my objective is to get rid of the toys that I do not like anymore, use the money I will be acquiring to buy the toys that I do like.  Therefore, my purpose in selling was not to profit but to “exchange” what I have with something I actually like.

After doing online selling for almost a year now, here are the things I have learned:

1. Be patient with customers.  There are customers who ask a lot even if you already indicated everything you need to know in your ad.

2. Don’t force your product to them.  Some customers will send you a message saying that they are interested but will acquire the item a week after.  That’s alright especially if no other customer is interested with it but after a week, if no sign of the customer who wants to buy it, move on a offer it to someone else.  There is no reason for you to feel bad, dwell on it and force the customer to buy your item.

3. Use shipping service instead of meeting up with the customer. I recommend shipping service because it is less hassle and it is safe for both the buyer and the seller.  It may cost a little more though.  In case the buyer wants to meet-up instead to save money, and feels comfortable paying the product upon delivery, choose a very crowded place and near a security guard.  I always pick malls and public transportation terminals.  You do not know who you deal with it if there are legitimate of scammers so it is better to be safe than sorry.

4. Reply to customers as soon as possible.  In my case, I really don’t have a big shop where I have a lot of customers therefore I have the time to reply with their inquiries.

5. Stick to what is in the ad.  Some customers would want to meet-up somewhere else.  Before, I used to give in with these requests so I can be able to sell my items but now, I realized that I spend more than gaining because of the transportation fare I will be spending to go to places that are a bit far from where I am.


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8 thoughts on “Tips on Selling Online”

  1. I have never tried selling online. Although i’ve bought a lot online. I think this is worth a try. I have lots of items just gathering dust. it is time for them to go and get some extra cash.

  2. Online selling is a lot of work. It is not enough that the items have been posted or published. The seller should always update the products as well as the prices ensuring that the displayed products are available.

  3. so good for you…. I am so glad that you find the online selling a lucrative business. I am no good in selling, so I will just leave that up to you.


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