Tips on Punctuation and a Fun Way to Remember Them

marksPunctuation is important to writers. It can set a tone, make your meaning clear and adds expression to your writing. Although there are some writers these days who avoid the use of punctuation, I sometimes find it difficult to get their meaning on the first reading. Proper punctuation is important, especially in any type of business writing. The following is a poem I wrote some time ago with tips on how to use the more common punctuation marks. I thought it might be helpful and also a fun way to remember how to use them.

Ode to the Punctuation Mark


When you work with punctuation, it’s good to know the rules.
Teachers teach about it in elementary schools.
For a pause you use a comma, that’s a well known fact.
To the ending of a sentence a period must be tacked.

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Exclamation points are exciting, that’s what we use them for.
Without them just imagine, life would be a bore!
If you don’t use a question mark, your sentence could fall flat.
You use it to denote a query, what do you think of that?
Quotation marks are there to show that someone else has said it,
For instance, when I asked my cat to read this, he stated “I have read it”.
They’re also used for other things too numerous to mention,
So for this part of my poem I’ll allow a small suspension.
The colon is important and is used in salutation,
It’s also used for telling time and introducing information.
Semicolons, on the other hand, a sentence can divide
When clarifying matters, this cannot be denied.
So many punctuation marks for every style of writing,
They give expression to our work and make it so inviting.
And thus the reader understands exactly what we mean,
Of all the writer’s tools, the punctuation mark is Queen!
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42 thoughts on “Tips on Punctuation and a Fun Way to Remember Them”

  1. whooo hoooooooooooooot congratulations, you finally did it.

    yes, this is very important to know you know the feelings of each punction mark… Can I use this in my class? (batting eyelashes)

    • Well, it’s okay. Thanks for your help in formatting. I have no idea how to use a computer. What I know about technology can be summed up in one word – nothing.:-(

      Yes, you can use it all you want. Kids generally like poetry. Maybe they’ll even learn something. 🙂

      • lol.. now is it better. … all you just need to have is PATIENCE… thanks Kids will love this, maybe I can make a stop motion video of this. I will try.

        • hahaha Thanks. It looks great. 🙂 But you know I have no patience. Particularly with myself.

          A stop motion video? Can you send me a copy? You know I’d love to see it. Going to sleep now.

          • yes, or upload in youtube you know it is easier when there. I will…

            stop motion video, I really like to learn this maybe on term break I will try. I need the word “MOOD” first, now I am into learning how to write and read THAI lol


          • Thai i very difficult I would think. I’ve seen the writing and it looks more like artwork than writing. It’s very pretty but I don’t think I could ever understand it. Good luck. 🙂

          • lol… writing in Thai.. never thought it’s easy but it is difficult.. for me.. if I can remember it is easy but it is difficult for me to remember.. LOL. have to take brain vitamins. then I can

          • Easy if you remember but hard to remember but it’s difficult……hmmm okay, got it. LOL

            After reading that I think I need some brain vitamins. hehe

          • ha ha yes it is easy but you know since it is odd shape not ABC it is difficult.. like the a is equivalent to sara aah…. not just ordinary A. and the vowels go around the consonant. left of the consonant, top, under behind.

          • hahaha see what I mean.. easy but difficult.. and brain vitamin is needed badly. but I am enjoying.. only if I can write it here.

          • Eat some fish. They say it’s brain food. haha Have fun learning to write in Thai. I think you need to be an artist to write like that. haha

          • yes, it is really fun learning thai. never thought that I can learn (still) I told my friend here I need to enroll in Anuban (means Kindergarten) my problem is, I don’t a mother to bring me to school and prepare my snacks in the lunch box. with a smiley on the bread and milik.. something like that

          • I’ll make you wonderful lunches and bring you to school. Feel better now? 🙂

          • hahaha Maybe one truffle but no ice cream in lunch boxes. It would be melted by lunchtime. But you can have some when you come home from school. 🙂

  2. I’m no good in punctuation and still struggling while
    writing articles. I use Microsoft Office Word and it helps me a lot.

    • Good thing there’s a lot of help on the web too. If you Google something like “comma placement” or “”colon placement” you get lots of sites that tell you what you need to know. Punctuation can be very confusing.

  3. nicely written and good pointers too! This would be good to teach the students in elementary and they can memorize it when they get older and make use of it

    • @daisynufable:disqus Thank you! I had fun writing it. Kids do like poetry and I’m certainly not against anyone using it to teach them. Now I need to write one about all the other punctuation marks. hahaha

    • LOL.. ok shoot me in the head. LOL

      guilty as charge… I am not sure why I got addicted to ellipsis. Everytime I type I always want to … argh! sometimes, I just delete them… i think it became a very bad habit.

      • @mavic123456:disqus Where’s my gun? hahaha If that’s the worst habit you have don’t worry about it. 🙂

        • but have you noticed that when I email you? …. see it is there it just like my finger has a mind of its own.. just pressing the period three consecutive times… sometimes when it is having a good time more than three…… argh!

    • @Tuffy Yes, it annoys me too. Without punctuation I often have to read things a second time. I don’t always get it the first time without the !!?.:, haha

    • @brendamariefluharty:disqus Thank you! And I believe you’re absolutely correct about the song and students. I’ve already been asked by a teacher if she can use it to teach her students. I’m so glad you liked it. 🙂


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