Tips on Living Longer and Helathier Lives

There are some small changes we can make that will insure we live both healthier and longer lives.

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1. Try not to set a lot. Standing and walking are great for our health. Higher rates of diabetes and cardiovascular disease and even the risk of dying sooner are typical for those who set too much.

2. If you eat your meals at different times this lets your stress hormones go up which reduces your metabolism and you gain weight. If you eat all day you stress out your body. Eat only at meal times you have established. The same time each day.

3. Be sure that what you are eating is fresh or flash frozen which will keep most of the fresh food’s nutrition. Get used to eating foods that are in season and fresh. Eat low fat yogurt, eggs or hard cheeses for breakfast, proteins and salads for lunch for  energy in the afternoon, and grass fed beef, cold water fish and fruit and vegetables for dinner.

4. Making sure you take some down time during the day is very important to your emotional and physical well being. Just 30 minutes of quiet with no computers or phones can help you to function stronger the rest of the day.

5. Be sure you go to bed and rise at the same time each day. You can get 20% more cognitive function if you go to bed each time at the same time. If you don’t, even if you get the same amount of sleep it isn’t effective and a true deterrent to good health.

6. Aspirin has been around for about 2,400 years. After age 40 one baby aspirin a day reduces your death rate and your chances of getting cancer by 57%. It can also reduce the risk of stroke by 17%, and heart disease by 22%. Check with your doctor before starting to use this regime because it can have some side effects after you have taken it for awhile.

7, After age 50 you need to be getting a colonoscopy. If polyps are discovered they can be removed before they develop into cancer.

8. Don’t ignore back pain. If you are in your 30’s and your back hurts now you need seek out some stretching, yoga or other back strengthening techniques so your next sixty years will be with a healthier spine.

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Eve York

I am a 62 years young lady who enjoys writing and making an extra buck or two doing it. I enjoy writing, mountain biking and hanging out with my grandkids and my daughter. I love to laugh and enjoy time spent. I hope to write a lot of tips on here and find some new friends perhaps.

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