Tips On How To Keep Procrastination Out Of Your Life


We can all be over come by the amount of things we have coming up and our responsibilities. We might put them off and then stress because the deadline is coming up and we aren’t finished or we have reservations about what we need to do. We all can use more time and more organization in our lives at times. Here is some ideas to help manage our time better:

Working in a crowded area can lead to a lack of productivity due to distractions. We need a work place where we are comfortable and may need to try several different situations before we find the ideal spot. Try different work areas until we find the one that is suitable.

Distractions are not something that helps us to get something accomplished. Giving a project the attention it is due is not always something we can do. That is until we put up our Do Not Disturb sign, turn our phones off, sign off from social media and  email accounts, and are able to concentrate on the task at hand. Do you let friends and family know when you are working? Sometimes we need to do that. Tell them we will call them back after such and such a time or you will be back at a certain time.

Start out with the hardest item and get it behind you. If leave it until the last you could be in for trouble. Getting it done first will make for more time for the more enjoyable tasks. And, if the hardest one is very complex you might break it down into several step and set achievable goals to finish each step.

Take a break each hour. Even if it is just a potty break you will have time to have a few breaths before you get back to it. If you find you are in a bit of a slump a break to recharge, get a drink of water or a protein snack, can help you feel recharged and able to refocus.

Making a to-do list of those things you are avoiding can help you focus. As the list gets smaller you will feel a sense of accomplishment which can help you feel spirited and able to finish the entire list. Before you know it you are finished and able to move on.


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Eve York

I am a 62 years young lady who enjoys writing and making an extra buck or two doing it. I enjoy writing, mountain biking and hanging out with my grandkids and my daughter. I love to laugh and enjoy time spent. I hope to write a lot of tips on here and find some new friends perhaps.

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  1. now that I have so much time, My procrastination fever was healed. Since I have a very activities to get busy here with… especially if there are no classes.


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