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Some may think that October is still early to do Christmas shopping but a lot of people are doing their Christmas Shopping as early as September.

Last weekend, I accompanied my friend to go to Divisoria (A Mall where you can buy a lot of things for a very low price compared to malls especially if you buy in bulk) not to do Christmas shopping but for a different reason.  Well, she actually needed a shop that can customize caps for her nephew’s costume for the Halloween Party in their village.

When we arrived there, the traffic wasn’t that terrible in the morning but come afternoon around 2, it was hell (sorry for the term).  It took us more than an hour to reach a destination that usually take us 15 minutes including the regular traffic.  It was hot and we had a lot of stuff with us so our trip was very tiresome.

Today, I’ll be sharing some tips for the shoppers out there especially if you are going to Divisoria or any mall that you know can be really, really, crowded during this time of the year:

1. Make a List – It is important to have a list with you either a list of names or much better, list of names and the gift you are going to buy for that specific person.  It does not only save you time but it can also save money because with a list, you can prevent “over-buying.”

2. Be early – Based on my experience last weekend, it is better to be early so you can leave early.  Divisoria usually opens as early as 7AM or 8AM.  It is better to be there when the mall opens or at least half an hour before the mall opens so you can avoid crowd.

3. Wear comfortable clothes – It is important you wear comfortable clothes and shoes especially if you know you will be doing a lot of walking inside and outside the mall.

4. Bring fan, handkerchief/towelette – If you are going to bazaars which are mostly not air-conditioned, it is important you have a fan with you and hanky.  Don’t bring bottled water anymore since they are available almost every where.

5. Eco Bags – It is much better to bring your own bag when doing shopping.  Bring big bags if you plan to do shopping for many people so you won’t have a hard time carrying all the stuff you bought in separate plastic or paper bags.  Plus it also saves you from buying Eco bags from vendors if you have already a lot in your house.

6. Bring enough money – Sometimes it is better to bring more than what you need but not a lot of money when doing Christmas Shopping.  There are times that items are on sale and that you need to buy a lot of it for giveaways but the problem is you didn’t bring enough cash or the establishment is not accepting credit/debit cards.  Don’t bring a lot of money too because it might get stolen.  Put it in a safe place.

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