Tips on Buying a Smartphone

If I heard it right Apple will be releasing two kinds of iPhone 6 this month of September.  I am pretty sure that a lot of people will be drooling over this gadget.  Some could have started ordering it in advance so that they will be one of the first people to use it before others.  Me?  I am still contented with my iPhone 4s probably because it fits my usage.  I don’t think I’ll be getting iPhone 6 that soon even if I do have the money to buy it.

Here are some things you might want to consider if you want to buy a new smartphone this year or any year:

  1. Budget – I think this is really important not just in buying smartphones but when buying other things that you might need or want.  Make sure you have the money to buy it.  That if in the event that you did buy it, you still have enough for your day-to-day expenses like food, transportation and the like.
  2. Specs – It is important that you know the specs of the smartphones that you have chosen to buy because from the specs you can already assess in your mind if those specs will live up to your mobile activities or not.  For instance, I like taking a photo of the food I eat because I am a food blogger therefore I want a smartphone that has a great photo resolution or has a high mega-pixel.  My friend just told me recently that octa-core is not that as great as what we thought it would be.  Honestly, when you say octa-core I thought it would be really fast but apparently, after reading some of the reviews, octa-core only means that two of the cores are functioning but the other six are just for back-up.
  3. Usage – Not all top-of-the line smartphones fit your usage.  There are people (like my mom) who are contented with just browsing her Facebook account at least once a day.  She does not really need an expensive smartphone.  As long as it is WiFi ready and can download applications like Facebook and Yahoo! Mail, I think she is already satisfied.  She does not really take pictures often so camera is not as important as to others.  If you are the type of person that you just want to text and call, you don’t need a smartphone.  But if you think you are a “techie” person and that you will be able to utilize all the features of a specific smartphone, by all means get the newest gadget in town.

Before taking all your money in your savings or maxing out your credit card in buying the latest smartphone, check this list and ask yourself if spending 40,000 pesos or more is reasonable.  Even if you do have the money to buy anything that you want, it is still better to buy something you will actually use.  But if you are the type of person that can be easily taught or can easily understood technical stuff then do not let me stop you if you really want to get the latest gadget in town.

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4 thoughts on “Tips on Buying a Smartphone”

  1. yes those are really smart moves to select the smartphones.. Smart people do these smart tips. thanks smarty…. 😉

  2. I want to acquire the new Iphone 6 but not now, my Iphone 5s still new and I am not bored yet having it in my hand. I let the months passed by also to lower the price before I change my unit.

    • I agree. Don’t buy iPhone 6 right away if you are still happy with your current phone. I’m still using iPhone 4s and I’m still contented. 🙂


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