Tips on How to Make Money by Creating Your First Gig on Fiverr

Are you a buyer looking for a trusted seller on Fiverr? Read Fiverr buyer instructions before spending money on Fiverr.

You already know that Fiverr is legit. They will process your payment request through PayPal after you have clicked and confirmed the message they sent to your PayPal email address. The processing is fast, don’t worry, they won’t take your hard earned money – but PayPal will charge you a little amount so it’s better to withdraw one at a time. But before that, let’s talk about how to create your very first Gig (service) at Fiverr.

How to make you first Fiverr Gig?

I won’t be teaching you how to create a new Gig literally, but I will guide you how to make it “right” instead in order that you can save more time.

  1. “I will _____ for $5” is already provided by Fiverr, you only need to fill out the blank. Create an interesting title up to 140 characters. Make it precise and attractive. You are not allowed to write words in all capital letters.
  2. Category and sub-category – how these two work? Once your Gig is created under its “appropriate” category, they won’t be buried in the archive. I am sure you know what I mean. Take time thinking if it belongs to “online marketing” or “graphic design”.
  3. Description is the body of your Gig. It will tell your prospective buyers what you are exactly offering to them or willing to do for $5. Your Gig description should match with your title. It’s the elaboration of the latter; make it precise and as descriptive as possible to make money online for free.
  4. Instructions. This is also a very important part of creating your first Gig on Fiverr. Once you provide instructions – your buyer (who has ordered your gig) will be notified saying “your action is required for order…” He needs to provide you information first before the Gig will be set as “in progress”.
  5. Your tags. I suggest you provide generic tags, e.g. SEO, writing, manual, etc. that will best described your Gig.
  6. Maximum days to complete. Always remember that you might receive multiple orders, so please anticipate not completing or delivering orders in time if you received, say 35 orders at the same time – what to do? Decide if you can really handle many others in a short period of time.
  7. A video or image will spice up your Gig. Make money online for free on Fiverr by attracting your customers at a quality graphic or a professional video presentation.

DO NOT use words repetitively. If you have written certain words several times at your description, instructions or tags or even in the title repeatedly – your first ever Fiverr Gig won’t be save. Anyway, you won’t lose it, but Fiverr will ask you to omit or change it.

DO NOT provide your email address, it’s never allowed. Do not ask your buyers to transact business or payments outside Fiverr, you might lose your account! Do not provide any link – or unless it’s necessary, if you have done that, your Gig will be under “review” and will become live once Fiverr team will approve your Gig.

Once successfully saved, your Gig is live now! Promote it! You can use your connections from different social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to promote your Gigs. You can also put it in your email signature or promote it at your own blog.

How to make more money online on Fiverr?

Unleash your power. When I received an invitation to join the forum on Fiverr, I immediately grabbed the chance to make an account there – and it was really inspiring. The first post I have visited was about “Is Fiverr your part time or full time?”

Some Fiverr sellers have opt to work on Fiverr full time at their living room. It just show that it is one of the best micro job sites available for all those people who want to make money online now from the comfort of their own living room without a superior.

Let me share your the formula of Fiverr Success.
Quality Gig + Buyers’ Satisfaction + Repeat orders and recommendations = More revenue

As what I have shared to you in my previous post about how to make money online on Fiverr, though your Gig worth $5 each – when you have reached a milestone, or if you have earned a level (level 1, 2 or top-rated seller), Fiverr has given you the privilege to create Gig Extras which will entail higher income. So remember, it’s a matter of time – your quality work will make you a top earner on Fiverr.

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