Tips inspiration: Pastime Picks

For this week, let’s explore something you enjoy doing much like what we talked about last week. But this time, let’s put the spotlight on your hobbies. Some like gardening, others like cooking. I know some who just stare into nothingness and like it. Since we like doing different hobbies, share with us tips and tricks in your favorite pastime.

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Here are some questions that might make you write more about your hobbies:

  1. What tips do you have for people just starting with the hobby of your choice?
  2. Are there special skills that we need to hone to enjoy your hobby more?
  3. Write a how to Tip for us to learn the basics of your hobby or arts and crafts?
  4. How do you earn from your hobbies or pastime?

Here are some keywords that you can use or give you an idea what to write:

  • Arts and Craft
  • Arts and crafts supplies
  • Craft kits
  • Craft store
  • Online craft store
  • scrapbooking
  • Hobby
  • RC helicopter
  • Online writing

Share your hobbies and pastime with the world and let us learn how we can enjoy ourselves.

A Tip from D2D: Write several tips on a particular topic and connect them with links. Remember to connect the dots.

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7 thoughts on “Tips inspiration: Pastime Picks”

    • Can talking on the phone for hours be a hobby as well? LOL I can’t remember anything that I have spent my time with so much gusto other than chat on the phone for hours and write a lot to my friends.

  1. I used to do many more than I do now, but I’d have to say baking and cooking, and making up new recipes, which I did for a few “hours” last night. It was vegetarian, or vegan – not sure what the difference is, but as I don’t really like meat, that was good. My husband added meat to his, which figures 🙂

    I’ve also painted, drawn, but everything I’ve painted, is sold and has been for a long while now. I’ve also knit more things than I can even remember, but I know that everyone I knew had a few in various favorite colors, till they all said “enough”! I never sold those, it was fun just to make and give. That might be all, or anything I care to write about. I hope photo’s aren’t necessary…


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