Tips in Buying Online

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This time, I will share some tips and/or suggestions when buying something online so you will not be wasting your money for nothing or so you will not flush your money down the drain.

Sometimes, products (regardless if it is a clothing, shoes, accessories, gadgets, or novelty items) being sold online are a lot cheaper than what you see in the physical store or famous shopping centers in your country.  The price alone can really be one great factor why you want to buy an item online than buying it in malls.  One of the reasons is in online, you do not need to get out from your house or office to go to the mall and be stuck in traffic, spend money on gas and for parking.  All you need is a good internet connection, a debit or credit card, and viola…in 3 days, you will get your purchase delivered right on your doorstep.  That easy right but we still need to be very careful especially I have been reading online that there are sites that are being accused of selling fake products like bags and gadgets.

Here are the things that you need to do before you click on the BUY button and start typing your credit card:

  1. Research – Sometimes other places also sell the same products but much lesser amount.  For example, when the Selfie Stick became very popular, it was being sold online around P800 to P900 each.  It was really expensive but there are no other stores that sell this so some people would really buy it online.  However, I was able to discover a place that sells different accessories and found out that they sell their Selfie Sticks for only P250 each for wholesale or P400 if you will buy just one.  Still, you get a lot of savings of P400 if you buy it in a store than online.
  2. Read – It is important to read feedback from customers or reviews about the item.  Sometimes the item that you want to buy has bad reviews especially on gadgets.  Even if the price is low but a lot of people who bought it before you were not satisfied, you know you will be wasting your money here.
  3. Ask – They say that “word-of-mouth” is the most powerful advertising or marketing strategy.  First hand experience from people you know like family members and friends may have an opinion on it.  When I bought my first LED television, I compared the prices online and in the store and online prices were cheaper but my brother told me to go to a specific appliances store because when you buy a television there, they give a lot of freebies.  I was able to buy an LED television with speakers that is worth P12,000, and free DVD player and it only cost me P18,000.  Online, the same television cost P14,000 but without the cool speakers and DVD player plus I need to add for the shipping service.

Overall, just always be cautious before buying.  I know that we can get carried away with the low prices that they offer but sometimes we save more if we do not buy on impulse.


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  1. this is so true, always read the feedback of the certain product or verficiation of the authenticity of the certain companies selling on line. .


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