Tips for Traveling in Backpacker Style

If you have a hobby of sightseeing and want to have a trip that is rich in experience with a cheaper cost, it is a good suggestion to try to take walk in the backpacker style. Backpacker comes from the word backpack which means a bag hold in the back. Now, it has become a new style of travelers around the world. If you traveled using tour package, it is always identified with suitcase, then backpack is the identity for independent travelers who are traveling with a large backpack in their back.


The basic principle is to save traveling costs with backpacker style without compromising the essence of traveling itself. Even the backpackers will get more experience to explore some local lives at the destination area. The following are tips for traveling in backpacker style:


  • Backpack,
  • Lodging,
  • Transportation


Backpack is the hallmark of the backpackers. Backpackers use it because it is easier for the movement of travelers. Backpacker will explore for tourist destination. Backpack size is also varying, ranging from 40 liters to 70 liters. Bag size is adjusted to the needs, how long you will travel how to arrange all goods in a good order into the backpack, plus give a small space to store your souvenirs. You can bring a typical small souvenir in the tourist areas.


Forget Hyatt, Hilton, and the like. The backpackers must be willing to eliminate the luxury hotels and try to stay in a cheaper or budget hotel. For backpackers, the essence of traveling is actually to dive into destination’s local life. This is the place to stay in and just to store stuff and to sleep. In the budget hotel you can also make friends with other backpackers. You can share experiences, or get together into a tourist destination. Stay in your friend’s house can also be an alternative that is worth a try. In addition to saving the budget stay, you may also get a free guide for your tour.


Flights are not always more expensive than the train or bus ticket. Sometimes, the premium airlines such as Singapore airlines, Emirates, Lufthansa offer promo ticket with super low price. You just need to visit the official website of flight, check the ticket to travel, or visit the travel exhibition. You can search for cheap ticket from 2 months before departure. If you buy airline tickets a week earlier, that will be at expensive prices. Sometimes, unsold ticket price will be dropped dramatically 2 days before departure.

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