Tips for Riding Public Transportation

Know what time the Bus should arrive

It is paramount when using public transportation that you know what time your bus will arrive. You need to know, this so that you can get to your destination on time. If, you have to be at a certain place at a certain time, you are going to need to know what time the bus will arrive at your destination as well. You should give yourself plenty of time so, that you will not be late for your appointment.

Get a bus schedule

To know, what time the bus will arrive at each destination; you are going to need at bus schedule. Most buses have plenty of schedules onboard. They are, usually, in the case at the front of the bus by the bus driver. If, you cannot get a schedule on the bus you may have to go to the closest bus station to find one. You should be able to find a schedule for all of the local buses. Bus schedules have a list of the fares for each destination at the bottom.

Give yourself plenty of time

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the bus stop. If, you do not know, how long it takes you to get to the bus stop, you should try a dry run. A dry run will save you a lot of frustrations in the long run. Be sure to give yourself and the bus drive a fifteen-minute lead way in either direction. Meaning that the bus comes be fifteen minute early or fifteen minute late. The traffic and that on the road and how many stops the driver has to make effects the bus getting to each stop on time. So, make sure you give yourself and the driver the right amount of time.

Always have the correct amount of money

Some buses ask for the exact amount of the fare. If, you do not have the correct change you may end up overpaying for your ride. Some bus drivers will not even let you on the bus if you do not have the right amount of money.

Know where you the bus to stop

Knowing where you have to get off the bus is imperative. The bus driver is not going to let you know, where your stop is. There are way too many people getting on and off of the bus for them to do this. Even if you have never been to your destination before make sure your know some of the landmarks that are around where you want to get off of the bus.

When using public transportation remember to keep all of this in mind, and you will have a safe and pleasant trip.

– Know when you bus is going to arrive
– Give yourself plenty of time
– Have the right amount of money for your trip
– Know where you are going to get off of the bus
– Always have a bus schedule handy

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9 thoughts on “Tips for Riding Public Transportation”

  1. Public transportation in your place is well-organized where buses have definite trip schedules; here there is no such schedules.

    • yup… that’s how we do it in the Philippines.. but no problem because there are tons of bus. Except if the bus is going to a certain place with long trips like another province, there are schedules to follow. and there are designated bus stations for specific area, example, going to south or north.. or east.


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