Tips for People Who Work From Home

These days everyone can use time management tips. Many people think, if you work from home, you have nothing but time. All of us who work from home know that this is far from the truth. We often spend more time working the average eight-hour day. It is not easy, working from home, doing all the housework, running all the errands and spending time with our loved ones.

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The best thing anyone who works from home can do is learn how to manage their time wisely. You must not only know, your schedule, but everyone else’s who lives in your household. That is where I am lucky there are only three people in my household. My son is a teenager and can take care of himself. Things are a little easier for me than, for those of you who have small children.

The best thing someone who works from home can do for themselves is set up a work schedule.
I work around my family’s schedule. I am the first one up in my home. I get up at 4am and do about two hours of writing. I do some housework and get my family ready for their day between 6am and 8am. I work from 8am until 12pm. If, I have errands, this is when I do them. From to 2pm to 5pm, I am writing again. I spend time with my family. Around 9pm, I finish up the writing I needed to do for that day and go to bed.

I have a small private office where I do my work. If, you don’t have the room to do this, I recommend, having a mobile home office. You can go into a private room after the kids are settled from coming home from school. When I am in my office everyone knows, not to bother unless they have to.

The best thing anyone who works from home can do for themselves is set up a schedule. You will be surprised at how much work you can get done when you are organized and know, what you have to do, when you have to do it.

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Brenda Marie is freelance writer of four years. Brenda is a Reiki grand master. She has studied many forms of Reiki. Brenda has a Master's degree in Metaphysical science. Brenda specializes in spiritual healing, health and wellness essays and articles. Brenda is a wife, mother and doggy mommy of one. Brenda enjoys writing, reading, watching old movies, and spending time with her family.

15 thoughts on “Tips for People Who Work From Home”

  1. I also have that routine. Wake up at dawn, sleep early (even when I was younger, I was like that,when studying). Have a corner in our living room where I do my online writing.

  2. i hope that someday when I retire from daily “work” online jobs are still open. so I can just enjoy my retirement at home…. you know like, no need to wake up early brush teeth or comb hair. LOL.. just like there in my worst look but with my best output.

  3. As you point out, one needs not only a time for writing, but a quiet place that others respect.

  4. Without time management the time runs very fast, but if I organize my time and dedicate to my work and other essentials then I can take full advantage of time.

  5. Working from home does not mean you can do anything you want. This is work and it has to be dome professionally. these tips of yours will definitely help.

    • The thing is, I get it a lot. You work from home. People seem to think, that means I sit around and do nothing. I work very hard to get my work done. I am very dedicated to being able to make a good living writing from home. That means putting a lot of time into it.

      Some people just want things handed to them. There a lot of people out there who work very hard at what they do. They put the time and the effort into what they do. Working from home is often harder than other jobs because of all the time an effort one needs to put into before they see any results.

      I think, you should have a love for what you are doing.

      • Some people just do not know the efforts needed to work at home. it is difficult. Working from home entails living to lives at the same time. Be a homemaker and working. It takes passion to do this. Some just wait for that get-rich quick scheme and end up failing. But the real work is steady and continuous. There are no short cuts to success. I wish you all the best.


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