Tips for Child-proofing your Home

Every parent worries about the safety of their children, both inside and outside the home. Children, however, are naturally curious and love to explore the world around them and to taste and touch items which look appealing. One can never be too careful with small children around and it is impossible to watch them every minute of the day. The best we can do is to make the house as child-proof as possible.
Here are a few tips which will help to keep your children safe.

  • Discard all your old medicines and keep current medicines, including vitamins, locked up.
  • Children are drawn to colourful and pretty boxes and packages which often contain toxic substances. When buying toxic items, consider whether your child is likely to investigate the package and if so, buy an alternate brand in plain wrapping.
  • Before buying a house plant, make sure it is not poisonous. Many garden plants are also poisonous so check with your garden centre before buying.
  • Store all garden tools and sharp implements in a securely locked area.
  • Buy safety caps and place them over electrical sockets to prevent accidents, as children love to stick objects into holes.
  • Tie knots in plastic bags before throwing them away. Children have suffocated from putting plastic bags over their heads.
  • No matter how well you know your pets, don’t leave them alone with your toddler. Small children may inadvertently hurt the animal which might then snap, bite or scratch.
  • Lock up all household cleaning materials, paint, paint remover, pesticides, nail polish remover and cosmetics.
  • Install safety catches on all cupboards and drawers containing dangerous objects, including firearms and ammunition.
  • Use the back plates on the stove when cooking and turn the pot handles to the back of the stove, out of the reach of curious little hands.
  • Don’t buy toys with small parts which children could swallow or push up their noses or in their ears.
  • If your oven door is within your child’s reach, check the oven and grill before switching them on. Children have the habit of putting things in unexpected places.

With a little commonsense and a few sensible precautions, your house can be made a safe place for your children and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the house is as child-proof as you can make i

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  1. You will never know what your kids are up to. And they can be really smarter that you think. That is why when my kids were younger, I opted for safety instead of esthetics of our house.


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