Tips for all beginners in War Commander(Facebook Game)

Hi there. I am going to share all my tips to all newbie gamers of War Commander. Okay, let me get straight to the point. We really need to understand and accept that this  is a strategy game. So if you are a strategist type of gamer, then this won’t be a problem for you.

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I’ve been playing this game for over 2 years until present. Hence, giving tip to you guys is like a piece of cake.

Let’s begin from your first week of this game. In this week, I suppose your game account is new. Since there’s a protection shield for new accounts, this is an advantage for beginners. You can see a quest for a week, saying, “New units for upcoming hours”, like that. My main point is to follow the orders in that quest within a week. There’s a possibility to have a level 6 Commander Center because of that quest. Accomplishing this quest would be easy if you won’t remove the protection shield. Never attack anyone except for rouge’s bases. If you attack, your protection shield fades away and you will be vulnerable of being attacked by anyone. Some players will attack you while you’re offline. If it happens to you, your upgrading of building will stop at the moment your base was destroyed. So it will give you waste of time and might delay your time enough to be failed of the quest.

You might be wondering on how to level up the Command Center up to 6 in a week. It’s easy. Prioritize first the Command Center because there’s only one boozer(upgrading machine) at any moment. So, you can only upgrade or build a building one at a time. Upgrading Command Center from level 5 up level 6 will take up to 11 days. To have a level 6 Commander Center in your first week of this game, be sure to upgrade the Command Center up to level 5 in a week, then, the quest which has the automatic level up of the current level of your Command Center shall level up your Command Center instantly after you finish the quest.

Thanks for viewing this tip.

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Grace Ocariza

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  1. its not just a strategy game, it enhances your mind and mental abilities too… i used to play this game too from a long time….. and i love it a lot.. all we must be concern is that we dont get so much attracted with it that we waste our important study time 🙂 thank u


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