Tips for a NEWBIE Job Hunter

Job Hunting is a fierce task. Like a hunter, you should not go unprepared to the jungle of the employment world because you would end up coming home empty-handed. With the unemployment rate being above average, you could expect one mistake to cost you the job. Unfortunately, not everything about job hunting was taught back at school. Thus, take note of these helpful tips for a newbie job hunter like you.

*Everything starts with your RESUME.

Make sure you have an updated contact information, your email address is working and the house address is also right. It should look neat and be sure no errors can be found on your resume. You should prepare more than five copies and likewise have both 1×1 and 2×2 pictures available.

*Know where to LOOK FOR A JOB

In the modern age of Internet, most companies regularly post their job hiring on different websites. Double check the date when they posted the employment notice because some maybe overdue. Furthermore, it would help if you create profiles on Job Sites so employers could also check you out.Aside from the Internet, there are government offices that coordinates with different companies so you could find multiple job listing in one place. Be sure to let your friends and family know that you are looking for a job so they could also search for you.

*Prepare your REQUIREMENTS ahead

Even before a potential employer asks for it, take the initiative to acquire a Social Security Number and Tax Identification Number. Most companies also require police clearance or NBI clearance so be sure to apply for one before you start your job hunt since sometimes, it takes longer to get them.

*Anticipate INTERVIEWS

Some companies do phone interviews so do not be caught off guard. Others employers would only give you an hour or two notice before the interview. It is best to be prepared. Always take time to practice answering interview questions even when you are just still in the stage of giving out your resume.

The key to take home the bacon is to prepare ahead than your competitors. Be vigilant and proactive when looking for a job because employer would be keen to observe those kinds of attitude in you. Good luck!

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I am former contributor for Bayanihan News Australia and currently a part-time blogger/writer for different websites. I also teach English to Korean and Chinese students online. But most especially, a proud mom of three. ^_^

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4 thoughts on “Tips for a NEWBIE Job Hunter”

  1. I’m sure new these tips will be beneficial not only to newly graduates but also to those who have been looking for a job for a while. Another thing to consider is punctuality.

  2. don’t forget to smile during the interview… and feel relax, be confident, feel gorgeous (men or women), and most of important of all.. BE CONFIDENT … breathe in.. and breathe out.. then go .. good luck job hunters you can do it.


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