Tips for a healthier life starting today

People claim they don’t have enough time to take care of their body due to work and other duties and responsibility; this quick guide should help to give yourself enough time to at least finish reading this article and decide what is right for you.

  1. Get plenty of sleep; sleep is the only time to fully recharge your batteries.
  2. Drink less coffee (please don’t hate me for saying this); too much caffeine consumption in the long run can really hurt your heart. Studies have indicated that most coffee drinkers tend to sleep less than regular people; which clashes with step no. 1
  3. Quit smoking cigarettes; it’s pretty obvious the outcome of long-term cigarette smoking.
  4. Balance your protein and nutrition; try to balance your meats and vegetables, it’s not about less beef and more greens, it’s about balance because protein is what gives you real energy.
  5. Jog, followed by a hot bath; even a quick 10 minute jog is a good cardio workout but the longer the better. The hot bath or shower afterwards is what relaxes your muscles.
  6. Overcome stress; this one’s a tough one as each person’s situation is different. Try to pinpoint each problem and figure out how to overcome then permanently, once you’ve passed these obstacles the path ahead will visually seem clearer and better.
  7. Think positively; try to see a funny side to life, even if your friend drove your car off a cliff and survived, today it might not be funny, but 10 years from now if haven’t killed your friend yet you can laugh about it.


Life is shorter than you think, live and make the most of it while you still can; you are more gifted than you were yesterday.

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  1. Great tips. Our habits have a great impact on the quality of our life so we should choose wisely and work hard to get rid of bad ones like smoking cigarettes.


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