Tips to Boost Web Traffic to Your Site

Creating a blog is not a difficult task, but the success of the blog in terms of web traffic is the tricky and demanding part. Even if you are confident and proud of your content you cannot do without driving customers to your website especially if you own an e-commerce website. And that is the reason you need to use effective strategies to increase the web traffic to your blog in order to achieve a wide range of objectives varying from just connecting and networking to marketing and selling your product or services, establishing yourself as a leader or building brand awareness. You need to be visible to the consumers to engage them and sell your product, which you can do only if you are able to drive the necessary web traffic. For this, you can make use of the following tips:

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner, the new tool that has replaced the old Google Keyword Tool is a combination of basic functions that were key features of Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator in two types. The highlight of the tool is the fact that there is no program-related barrier that comes with the two tools. It also makes the transfer of keywords from ideas to the estimated traffic very easy and collates them in the account in a much simple structure.

As it focuses on the better of the two tools – Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator, it is finding its foothold in the SEO industry a lot faster. For this reason SEO and PPC professionals should understand and learn the tool well. To find out more about how it changes the whole game, read the comparison of Keyword Tool and Keyword Planner below.

Short Facts

This carries three function types and varies from each other depending on the number of keywords that are available and whether or not they actually present keyword ideas. The filters can be only partly used once the first query is undertaken.

Tips to look for Keywords and Ad Groups

The interface is smartly divided where it provides an option to enter up to 50 keywords at once. It also has the provision to input one target site or a product category as well so as to check upon the keywords and keyword ideas. The query generates the vital information that consists of competition, search volume and the average CPC.

Learn about Keywords performance by entering or uploading it

The interface provides a host of features and one such is the 1000 keywords space or a 10,000 keywords upload space using a CSV file to retrieve search volume data by simply using the “Get Search Volume” option. It exports the data but will not suggest or generate new keywords.

Lists of Several Keywords

Several different combination and list of keywords can be input till the time they don’t exceed the total limit of 1,000.

Few functions that have changed:

  • Local search volume is returned only for exact queries.
  • A local search volume can be targeted for towns and regions along with the option of choosing different places and countries at the same time.
  • There is an option to choose a particular language and the setting then removes terms automatically that don’t fit the language. So in a way the setting helps to be a word filter instead of behaving like a targeting filter. (Google has a tendency to remove the word altogether instead of reconfiguring the search volumes.)
  • CSV file type can also be used to upload a list of keywords to research the search volume. Depending on the campaign it’s been used with the separation of end device will change.

As stated by Google, most future ideas and estimations for keywords can be easily made available for the specific amount which serves the purpose of PPC better than SEO for whom this change is rather a step backwards.

Create a Community

There are forums where your target audience will gather. Ascertain those forums and communities, create an account there, and start participating. But bear in mind to first read what’s being discussed and contribute only when you have a good grasp of the conversation and have something appropriate to offer. This will make you a good web citizen, and ensure web traffic, followers in the community and their trust. Be sure to avoid link dropping, trolling or spamming as doing so will only make you disreputable and even be removed from the forum and disassociated by the forum members.

Be the authority in your niche and solve your community’s problems

Once you have established your niche you must become such an authority therein that your community turns to you for all their important questions. Answer them by dishing out high-quality, effective and useful content. With this you will find favor with Google and your page will rank higher because community’s questions will suggest several keywords you may have missed out otherwise. This will increase your page traffic, rank you high in search engines and gain loyalty in your community.

Concentrate on targeting topics instead of keywords

Just creating content for publishing online is not enough; you need to capitalize on the value of that content and allow it to go viral and be shared well on social channels. Any individual and company that posts high-quality content consistently is rewarded by search engines. Organic search results are thus greatly influenced by author rank.

Create Value via SEO

Many bloggers have misconceptions and concerns about search engines, which are not even real problems. In fact, search engines can drive in web traffic in hordes in spite of it being ignored big time by bloggers. SEO is serious business if you do not treat it dismissively and do it properly. Good quality content is the first priority when it comes to ranking first in search engines when a specific keyword is searched. So you must create valuable content for readers that Google will consider worth being searched. And content shared and interacted with on Social Media gives Search Engines “authority”, which is taken into consideration when it comes to ranking a website and placing it over and above its competition in search results. Services like Google Plus give the author of articles a level of authority over a subject matter, which in turn influences Search Engines.

Use your target audience’s language to create strong content

To maximize the value of your content you will need to strategize about your target readers and while doing that you must take into account their ability to publicize the content. Some of your target audience will usually actively spread the word about your work, but they may not necessarily be as effective on the web as some specific topics, communities, writing styles and content types. So make sure your content that is worth sharing on social media and going viral.

Share blogs and posts on Social Media to create and combine connections

Social media constitutes a humongous part of advertising online, what with Facebook having over 850 million registered members or Twitter’s 465 million active users. Take into account another 100 million+ users on other equally formidable entities like LinkedIn or Google+. Ignoring these social media sites and not having presence on them would mean missing out on online advertising. You can share your articles and blogs on one of these sites to increase your web traffic as well as your ranking. You may find some audiences who you will hark back on your blog easily and be regular follower of your blog and also help publicize the blog.

Using email as a marketing tool

A major part of blogging includes sending a lot of emails to other internet users who can create awareness about your work. Thus email works out to be a one-to-one channel and often goes ignored, which it must not be. You can compile a list of all these email addresses of people you can target for your products and services and invite them as regular subscribers to your website and create returning traffic. In a relevant conversation you can bring up your blog, a particular post or a topic you have written about.

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