Three Tips on Maximizing Learning Through the Internet

There’s always good and bad and pros and cons in everything. Technology, particularly the internet, is one of those whose benefits versus loses are greatly debated upon. Some would say that it has, in some ways limited meaningful personal interactions among people. It has also provided children with a venue to explore sensitive topics that would’ve been better learnt if guided by adults, and a new past time that would most likely lead to eye problems and probably lower grades since many downloaded games and other internet activities can prove addictive. However, although its evils are great, the good that it can bring is even greater if people should decide to use it for greater purposes. One extremely wonderful result of the internet is allowing people to learn things more quickly and efficiently in the history of humankind. Encyclopedia, dictionary, and thesaurus are now easy to navigate because of this. And these are just at the tip of the learning ice berg. Below are some tips on further maximizing the use of this resource.

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1. Enroll in online courses. A lot of online courses are available for anyone who simply has the desire to learn. Many of these are given by known universities or people and can be availed of for free or for a minimal fee. Sites like Coursera, Udemy, and edX are just some examples. I’ve tried it and loved it!

2. Join professional networks. This allows you to collaborate with like-minded individuals and brings an extra richness and dimension to your ideas. Some of these are available in Edmodo or Linked-in, for example.

3. Subscribe to online researches or journals. Ebsco and Scientific American Journal are examples of those I frequently visit.


Here’s another tip on learning: Three Simple Learning Tips

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Mary Grace Carlos

School Supervisor at Pace Academy

10 thoughts on “Three Tips on Maximizing Learning Through the Internet”

  1. Hello Mary Grace Carlos! Thank you for sharing these great tips, I haven’t tried enrolling for an online courses, but I surely will check it out one. I love to have a certificate for web designing, so I guess I will go for W3Schools. Thank you for your suggestions Ma’am. Regards me to my Bro JP.

  2. What I find amazing is that so many courses online are free or low cost. Lots of opportunities to learn.

  3. when I learned how to earn on line I also saw some benefits of the technology and yes these are all true. nice

      • i used to use the internet for information and chatting. I chat to hone my writing skills. but i never thought about blogging before I guess I have no confidence.

          • lol… it took me months to think about those articles and yet I found them a little bland… it is really my desire to write beautifully you know like weaving words… to create big quilt.

  4. This is really helpful especially t those who really want to learn from the net. The information is already there, it’s just waiting for people to learn it and enjoy it.

  5. But also the internet can be dangerous especially for unsupervised use of children like what happened a few weeks ago of attempted murder of a12 yo by her best friends also 12 yo because they wanted to join an occult group on the internet 🙁


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