Three Simple Learning Tips

Learning is a part of life. We learn whether we want to or not. It can be seen as something hot-wired in us for survival. Most kids pick up language as easily as they breathe air. We learn to avoid places that shout “Danger!” However, are we learning WHAT we want to learn? Are we learning WHEN we want to learn? We can’t just rely on observation and unintentional learning if we want to get more in life.

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So here are some tips to learn what and when you want to learn.

1. Focus. Put all your attention in whatever is happening, you’re hearing, or anything being shown to you.

2. Keep the gears in your mind working. Question what you’re focusing on. Question the process and the idea or theories behind what’s being presented.

3. Incorporate and apply when possible. Eat up whatever you’ve learned and try to use it as soon as possible in situations that are relevant to you.

If you keep these three things in mind, you’d not just be great at learning but you’d also be successful in what you do. Good luck!

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Mary Grace Carlos

School Supervisor at Pace Academy

17 thoughts on “Three Simple Learning Tips”

    • Oh yes my friend, experience provides us both the hard way and the less painful way to learn. Our mistakes will always remain as such when we fail to correct it.

      • I always believe that mistake is a mistake if it is for the first time. but when mistake is done for 2nd time, then it is no longer a mistake but .. you know… (stu__) i will just whisper that to you.. Good morning

        • I know that. It’s funny when people keep doing the same mistakes . they do not rectify their errors and still hope that they don’t make another STU___ blunder.

          • oh well to each is his own.

            but you know seriously… in some cases, even if the person knows that it is mistake, this person will insist on doing it, like for example, you know falling in love with another person who is already committed. (Teleserye) but it happens.

          • True, I know people like that. It makes we wonder why they are attracted to them. Yup, it would be a great plot for a TV series.

          • hahaha i just watched it, through skype. hahaha…

            but I think I read somewhere, Leo Buscaglia or Scott Peck, that if things happen over and over again, it has to be relearned.

          • True. When it occurs regularly, then one has to consider rethinking the logic behind doing the same things over and over. We can’t expect a different outcome doing the same things – that one was from Albert Einstein.

          • LOL you’re even weirder than i am. i think you should head the weird human beings club. I’m willing to step down as it’s leader.

          • But sometimes this weird mind of mine gets to give wonderful ideas that my bosses like. Are they weird like me or just lucky to have a weird brain.

          • hahaha.. yes, they have weird brains too.. and you are have fantastic and amazing ideas.. lucky that they have you.

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