Thinking of Business Ideas? Just Conform with the Season

Are you thinking of possible business ideas but could not find one?

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Just think of the season, or the time of the year when certain kinds of products are in demand. This also depends upon the location of your business venture.  So this rainy month of September till October, particularly in the Philippines, what products can be sold so you can gain some profit?  During rainy months, things like umbrellas, rain coats, boots, and jackets could be in demand. You can be a supplier to small retailers or small stores. Be sure to have contact with  manufacturers so you can get big discounts and then those who will get orders from you can also avail of discounts. Just a give and take process is involved here.

When October comes, it will be the Halloween air coming in. So what are the items that are in demand during Halloween? One is candles. Assorted forms, colors, unique forms of candles are in demand. You can make your own candles at home then sell it to clients or to retailers. There are tutorials online on candle making and where to get your raw materials.

Another is costume for children for their Halloween parties, or for trick or treat activities, like Jack-O-lanterns, pumpkins carved beautifully; candies, etc. Also creepy toys like spiders, insects, bats, masks, witch’s broomstick, etc. And do not forget the flowers. You can supply flowers or engage in floral arrangement business. You can add native baskets and other indigenous items to enhance your flower arrangement. There are so many items that an enterprising person can think of to sell.

On December, there are more items that can be sold like gift items; clothes, toys, so many items you can think of that can be sold or distributed to clients.

Just be creative, adjust your business depending on the season of the year. And you will not run out of ideas for a business venture. The changing seasons can help you think of what kind of business you may want to invest in. Post your items on social media sites to get more customers or retailers who are interested.

Good luck, and may your business grow big!


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  1. Yes this is a great idea to start up a new venture and since now a days social media is very accessible we can share and promote our product to many with out costing much other than our time.

    • Thanks,@disqus_dqdRGzpeIO:disqus for your comment. We can explore so many ways to promote our


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