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A month ago, when the BER month started, I wrote here three articles about gift suggestions that you can get for your loved one, family/relatives, and friends or co-workers.  You can read them at:

Now, I am going to share to you some things that you can make or buy which can help you earn during Christmas season.  If I am not mistaken, it was three years ago when I first join a Christmas Bazaar in our local community.  I was so excited because it was my first time and second, I get to earn on Christmas instead of blowing all my hard earn money for gifts.

To be honest, it didn’t go well with the bazaar.  I was just able to pay the rent but I didn’t earn from it.  I still have a lot of products left but what I liked the most was I get to experience selling and it was fun.  I may not join the Christmas Bazaar this year anymore but I have gained some useful tips for those who might be interested in earning this holiday.

Here are some suggestions that you can make or buy to sell this Holiday:

1. Toys – When I joined the Christmas Bazaar few years back, toys were the first one to be sold out.  Remember, in these places, a lot of kids will be going and any type of toys can bring spark to their eyes.  They will beg their parents to buy them one.  But if you plan to sell toys, a good tip is to research on what are the latest toys nowadays and the market price.  If not the latest toys, at least something unique.  As far as I know, the “in” toys today are Lego replicas.  I see a lot of Lego mini-figures like The Simpsons, Lord of the Rings characters, Justice League and The Avengers.

2. Novelty Items – It is sometimes easy to sell novelty items because they can be cheap and during Christmas, a lot of people are looking for something to buy in bulk especially those who are working in a corporate establishment.  Famous novelty items are: notepads, decorative pens, mugs, Eco bags, cellphone accessories, Loom Bands, bracelet with charms, stylish pillows, plush animal toys, Character USB, and so many more.

3. Clothes or shoes – My friend and I went to a Croc Sale a year ago.  We were able to buy Crocs sandals and shoes for as low as 200 pesos for kids.  My friend was able to sell them all.  She was able to get her money back and earned too.  Me, I wasn’t able to sell them but they were perfect gifts for my nephews and nieces.  I mean Crocs is an expensive brand.  You can’t buy Crocs in malls for the price of P200 to P500.

4. Food – I think you can never go wrong with food.  It’s either you make them or you re-sell them.  Whenever I go to Bazaars, most of my money are being spent on food either for giveaways as presents or for my personal consumptions.  There are a lot of places where you can buy food for a cheaper price in bulk.  You can buy cookies and just re-pack them with Christmas theme packages to make it more attractive to buyers.  Cookies and pastries are very popular.

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4 thoughts on “Things to Sell on Christmas”

  1. I used to bake lots of pies and cupcakes for Christmas. Some friends of mine order and they give it to their friends and family.

    • I really want to learn how to bake. But I should invest first with a beautiful kitchen with oven before learning to bake. LOL!

  2. Bazaars are fun; I like selling items too. BTW is that Crocs original? Why was is so cheap? To avoid too much products left, you should get from a consignment source so you will pay only the items sold.

    • Nope they’re not. They have Warehouse Sale at least two to three times a year and they sell them really, really cheap.


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