Things to do in Boracay if You’re in Budget

Boracy Beach

A lot of people think that going to Boracay Island is very expensive.  They even compare it to going to other Asian countries like Hongkong, and Singapore.  But not all people are aware that they can still enjoy the white beach in Boracay without spending too much on fare, accommodation, food, and activities.  Here are some tips that might help you :

1. Cheap Airfare. There are airfares cost less than P2,ooo (more or less $45)

  1. Look for a decent place to stay that doesn’t cost much.  Usually, there are decent lodges or inns in Station 2 that cost less than P1,500 a night (more or less $35) or even cheaper. Check also some trip advising guides online for reviews.

3. Food  Don’t go to restaurants all the time because it is expensive.  If you plan on staying there like 3-4 days, you can have your lunch and/or at D’ Talipapa.  It has a wet market where you can buy fresh seafood and have them cooked to restaurants near the market.

They also have fast food available there like McDonald’s. And if you want to save more, there are a lot of “ihawan” (grilling station) which sells isaw (intestines), barbecue, hotdogs, chicken barbecue and pusit (dried squid) and just buy rice then viola! Your lunch only cost you P100 or less (more or less $2).

Jonas is the famous fruit shake in town.  I have tried their Mango Shake with Milk and it was delicious.   But if you want something cheaper, there are a lot of restaurants that sell cheap fruit shakes but taste good too.  It ranges from P50 to P60 (a little over a dollar) a cup.

4. On “Pasalubong” or buying treats for your family and friends.  Go to D’ Talipapa again because they sell their items cheaper than D’ Mall.  You can get two Boracay shirts (white) for P150 to P170 (more or less $4).  They also sell key chains that cost P3 or less (around $.06).  Drop by also at Bread & Butter bakeshop because they have delicious biscocho (toasted bread with butter and sugar) for only P40 (less than a dollar) which was a big hit to my family.

5. On clubbing. You can go to Epic at Station 2.  Sometimes they have door charge but only minimal.  A local beer costs P80 (more or less $2).  But if you are tight on the budget, go to the convenience store located at D’ Mall, buy beers or other alcoholic beverages, and drink them in your room.

6. On water activities.  This can be really expensive unless you are a group.  If you are a couple, you can ask the “manongs” to look for other couples who want to go parasailing, island hopping, flying wish, snorkeling, and the like.  When I went there last year, parasailing costs P800 (more or less $18) per head but the usual price was around P1,000 to P1,200.  We added P400 more (per head, we were 4 that time) for snorkeling and island hopping.

Try skim boarding also.  It’s like surfing but you are just ashore.  It’s fun and it’s cheap.  Renting and tutorial for an hour only costs P100.

7. Buy land transfers right away. There is a store there near D’ Talipapa where you can buy land and boat transfers going to the airport.  If I am not mistaken, it costs P200 (more or less $5).  The price may be similar if you get them in the port area but at least you don’t need to wait in line.

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7 thoughts on “Things to do in Boracay if You’re in Budget”

  1. Station 2 is just perfect for me. I get really inexpensive deals with the lodging. Plus, I wait for the Piso fares or the really discounted ones and we’re off for some fun.

    • But when I do have budget, I’ll definitely try staying at Astoria or in Discovery Shore for experience. 🙂

      • Astoria is really great. You can get a time share at Astoria. My wife and I got one. You can earn from it by having it rented out.

  2. You give me a bright ideas on how to maximize my stay and minimize my expenditures.

    It’s awesome tips indeed. Boracay is one of my dream place to visit after El Nido. Can you also write Palawan if you’ve been there?

  3. That is great. I had been there on a budgeted accommodation. I attended a convention at Crown Regency Hotel way back in 2010 and my officemate and I stayed at a cheap lodging near the hotel. It was a cottage worth 700 pesos. We can go to the beach by walking in 5 minutes. D’talipapa is also of walking distance.


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