Things To Consider When Purchasing A Used Car

After buying a house, the purchase of a vehicle is probably one of the next largest purchases you will make. Just like buying a house it can be a stressful, daunting and sometimes quite a painful task.

The risk presented when purchasing a used car is at times riskier than purchasing a house. Of course, the amount of money is not the same but if we are not car savvy and don’t know what we are looking at, we could make a costly mistake.

Below are just a few things to take into consideration when purchasing a used car.

Get Up To Speed Before You Leave The House

The first thing to do when buying a car is to prepare your mental strength. The used car market is a crazy one. You should ready your mind for the jungle that you are about to step in to. One of the first things you should prepare to do is avoid private sales. 

Private car sales offer no security and you never truly know what you are buying, you may indeed be able to save some money, but at what cost will that saving come? You will have no guarantee on vehicle history and for all, you know it could be out for repossession. 

What a lot of buyers do not realise, even when buying a used car from a trader, you are still under the protection of the law. 

So when you make your journey out there, you should always approach a dealer, with a price in mind that you will not budge from and stick to your guns. 

Do Your Research

Doing your research can be one of the biggest tools in your car purchasing toolkit. Knowing that for instance, pre-2009 Mercedes C class had callbacks on the Turbo, could save you a tidy some, after all, a new turbo would cost more than the car. 

Knowing your driving budget is also advantageous. There is no point looking at a car along the lines of a Mitsibushi Shogun 3.2 that will bleed your wallet dry when you could get equal handling and better economy should you buy a used Vauxhall Mokka.

Finding something within your want that doesn’t break the bank will also be highly beneficial in the long run. Researching all of the running costs of the car should be done before you even leave the house.

It’s Time To Buy

When the time comes to finally get one on one with the dealer, you want to always see the car in natural light, this will allow you to check the whole thing over properly. It is handy to have somebody with mechanical knowledge with you to check the entirety of the car. Believe it or not, car dealers aren’t always honest. 

The car should be test driven thoroughly, you should be listening for ticking, rattling and whistling. If you hear any of these things, walk away.

Finally checking the full electrics of the car. If you place the overhead light on whilst on your test drive, if you get a peripheral flickering, the car will also need a new battery.

I hope these few tips will help you on your way to making your new car purchase and making it one that is as stress-free as possible. 

Image Credit – Pexels

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