There Is Always Two Sides To A Story

I used religion as one of the categories because this experience concerns our  parish here in my town. As of now our parish priest is the trending topic in the radio and news and even on Facebook. The problem is that he does not have a good rapport with his parishioners. Being a parish priest of a town you are like the father of everyone and is supposed to be respected. But then instead he found enemies.

Their Side – Priest to snobbish and Strict

He is at times so snobbish and strict with hie rules. People from my town were not used to having someone like him. There had been 5 or 6 Monsignors that had been assigned here and a few priests only.

I have been a victim of his bad attitude and “I don’t care” personality. It made me stop attending mass in my beautiful church, but I watched mass on TV which were healing masses. I guess after 3 month of attending healing mass I got healed enough to go back.

Problem happened when he showed his personality to some people whose families were pillars of the community and have been living in the US for a long time. So when they disliked his attitude they complained and even complained to a radio station. So it seems like everyone who listens to that station hear.

They complained about how he handled the finances and the way he answers you like as if he owned the church. I agree on his attitude and his relationships with his parishioners. This was a first for the town. We are well known and we have the heritage church. It is a beautiful church and even tourist have complained.

Everyone has their own characteristics and personalities. But if you are the head of the religious community you have to learn to go with the tide or adjust.

I was sad to hear all the bad remarks but what can I do I was also a victim.

His Side

Last Sunday after every mass the priest came out with the story and the reactions. He gave his side and he read everything that happened. The was a video but only few were able o watch it. He actually had a meeting with the family he aggrieved but things did not work out well and the family did make an official complaint to the radio. 🙁

After reading what happened he gave his reasons and his side. This he should have told it to the press (radio) when they went to interview him. But he refused. He also told how and why he handle the finances. What was sad that I heard in some of the masses the some people walked out and did not bother to listen.

But after listening to his side, if he had only told them earlier, maybe thing would not have gone out of hand

Listen To Both Sides of the Story

Lack or no communication can lead to misunderstandings. If one side does not want to explain or give their side, there will always be misunderstanding and even fight or war. In one movie about Pearl Harbor, I learned that it was lack of communication was the cause of the war that started Dec. 7. Their radio communication was delayed.

So I would suggest that to talk it over properly and listen to both sides before making rash judgements. Be fair, it would also be good to have a referee or someone who is not siding with any of the parties to sit in and listen and help everyone to understand. Don’t wait till its too late. I still am not 100% ok with the priest but I can handle it.




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5 thoughts on “There Is Always Two Sides To A Story”

  1. That is true. Two opposing parties should always find a way to talk things out instead of relaying their messages to other people because along the way, there can be some things that can be added to the story.

  2. There should be two-way process of communication. Your priest should had made his point clear in the beginning so as not to blow up the trouble. He should had talked with the affected people in your town.

  3. Most complications start from little misunderstanding and lack of communication makes everything worst. And the hardest part is if people don’t know the both sides.

  4. people who handle power do have strong reasons for their behavior. They may have a lot of responsibilities and tensions, so those under him should not complain just because of trivial issues and small problems. I understand the situations

  5. Yes the problem is the priest did make mistakes, he did not inform the parishioners, he abolished the parish council committee and the financial committee 🙁


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