The Wonder of Technology

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The wonder of technology. It is fascinating how far science and technology has gone. It used to be telegrams, then airmailing letters. Then the telephone came. We were able to communicate with families far away. The bad thing was it was kind of expensive. Later the wireless phone. It was cool, you can be in the kitchen, dining room or even in the bathroom and still receive or answer a call. We were feeling like a big shot able to carry around your phone in the house.They even had cordless phones with clips so you can clip to your pants or pockets. But were a little bulky. Now they have small slim cordless phones. But with limited signals you can only use it within 40 meters from the base.

Now here comes the cellphones. Cool now you can bring it where ever you go! You can call all over the world too. They were big then now small to fit your palm and some even smaller. Now most allows you to surf the internet too.

Now computers came. They were the desk to,. big and bulky and can only be used in the house. Then laptops came first started big then slim and now Ipads or tablets.

So many improvements. The best i think if the Skype or even the Facebook video chat. Now you can call anyone who also has Skype or Facebook video and call them. You can even see them and talk to them and see their reactions. The best thing is that it is free. You can talk for hours as long as you have an internet connection.

This is very good for parents especially mothers whose children are working in other places and have not seen them in years. Even with other siblings they have or other relatives.

My mom who is 89 can not travel much anymore. So she is able to Skype with my younger brother. She always cries when they start then later they talk. She also has Skyped with her younger brother who she hasn’t seen in oh maybe 10 years now. They are only 5 left. Sometimes I let her Skype with her younger sister in Manila.

I set them up and let them do the talking, mostly crying, laughing and loud voices. It warms my heart that they are able to see and talk with each other. My uncle in Dubai said it is a wonderful thing that has happened with technology. Now they don’t have to worry about prices and they can talk about anything they want.

Like what my Mom and uncle said in our Visayan language : “Bulong sa hidlaw” or in English : “A cure for homesickness or longing”.

Mom Talking with My Brother - Picture is mine
Mom Talking with My Brother – Picture is mine
My mom talking with her brother and his wife in Dubai - picture is mine
My mom talking with her brother and his wife in Dubai – picture is mine

I for one is happy about this because someday my one and only daughter will be leaving for the US so hopefully we will Skype every week too 🙂


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9 thoughts on “The Wonder of Technology”

  1. In just one click, everything that you need to know would be in front of you. Unlike when I was stil in High school until College. To do research, we have to get books, tons of books before one report could be done!

  2. Indeed technology is fascinating. It brings us closer even if we are halfway across the globe. It makes our lives easier and comfortable. As long as we use it properly and that we do not forget taking care of Mother Nature we’ll be ok.

  3. That’s the best thing about technology, it bridges families together, though some are using it for bad ends.


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