The Wastage of Hard-earned Money

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How many hours a week do we need for us to be able to get by with our weekly financial needs? How many percent of our income goes to bills and other miscellaneous stuff? We may have set a certain budget each month to ensure that everything has been paid but with the extra money left, where does it go?

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• You may have saved a couple hundred dollars this month from all the utilities. And instead of keeping it in the bank, you decided to buy yourself a new pair of branded denim.

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• You own a car and of course, it needs maintenance. There are simple things which can be done at home, but instead, you opt to have it done by a professional. The same thing goes with fixing fixtures at home where all you would probably need is a hammer, pliers and a screw driver. But still you insist on calling a handyman to do them for you. How much does it cost to pay him?

• When grocery shopping, you tend to fill in your cart with items on sale. You thought you have save up on those 6 boxes of brownies and 12 cans of mushroom soup. But when you got home, you saw that they were expiring in a couple of days.

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• Still about shopping during sale? Nothing wrong if you are a wise shopper. Make sure though that what you are buying has a discounted price. Some malls would just put on an orange sticker on the original price tag to make it look like it is on sale. Know how much the item you are buying prior to the sale price.

• Buying junk food to replace nutritious food as a snack. It does not only cost you much, but it also gives you a false feeling of getting full.

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• Almost every one now has an internet. And we can be able to watch movies online. Having a date every once in awhile at the movie house may be fine, but to make it as a weekly habit?

• Over-using your credit/debit card. The simple clicking of buttons will have an item sold in a jiffy. But do you really need to shop every week? Not unless you are Beyonce or Madonna!

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• Are you an online game addict? Start inlinking your credit card with Apps Store and Google Play. $1 for extra lives may be small. But to make it a habit just so you can beat your best friend in Montezuma, well, think again!

Imagine how many people barely have a roof over their heads or even be able to eat 3 full meals a day. And we, lucky to have a job to sustain our needs, we mindlessly spend our hard-earned money for something that we can really live without.

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Jenny Alano

Mother and Passionate Writer I had the realization of love in writing at an early age. Rediscovered the passion 20 years after and integrated the passion into an earning opportunity. "The simplest words may not be uttered by the lips....the lingering thoughts echo through my work."

10 thoughts on “The Wastage of Hard-earned Money”

  1. NOT GUILTY. not because I am not a shopaholic but because “around” me I have no malls and no supermarket. I have to go to literally go to “bayan” or town if I have a ride.

    but you know.. this is a good reflection. and yes so true that sometimes we buy so much without thinking if we really ever needed those items. Impulsive buyer. such a waste of the hard earned money. tsk tsk tsk.

    Thanks for this morning reflection. Maybe this afternoon if I will have a chance to shop I will think most of these tips.

  2. I hate it when we waste money for useless things. But since we had our child, we are wiser when it comes to spending.

  3. I had seen such practices on some people who shop endlessly as if it is the end of the world, and yet when the credit card bills come, they regret it.

    • How crazy can they get, right? I admit to shop especially on sale BUT only if I have the money to spend otherwise, I just either stay at home or be satisfied looking at those great items on sale! Yeah @jpcmc:disqus, salivating, too! LOL

  4. We better think twice before spending our hard earned money for unnecessary things because nowadays it has become really hard to tough job to earn some bucks.
    Therefore, I Always think twice and really care lot when I go for shopping. I don’t buy unnecessary things.


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