The Truth


One person may say, I demand to know the truth!  Is it wise to let him know it?  That is the question that may come to our minds.  Well for me, there are things that should remain secret to the concerned and there are those that should be revealed depending on the situations.  The truth hurts but we have to know the truth. In order for peace of mind to exist there are things that we should remember.


We have to accept the truth though it hurts.  During the old days, if one has cancer, he or she was not supposed to know.  We read it from novels, short stories and other articles.  We saw about this situation on tv and heard over the radio.  But time has changed.  Today, a cancer patient is entitled to know the truth.  The doctor tells it to the patient directly.  It happened to my sister who is a cancer survivor.  When she was told by the doctor about her illness, she questioned GOD why she has it.  She has two (2) little girls at that time.  One of them was just a baby.  That happened over three (3) years ago. What she did was great.  She learned to accept what was given to her.  She made her own research about cancer.   That was why she decided to follow the doctor’s advice and the procedures recommended by the doctor were all done.  She underwent eight (8) chemotherapy sessions.  After that, she always go to the doctor for check up every three (3) months and then every six (6) months.   During her difficult times  we supported her by being at her side whenever we have time,  but most of the time, it was her husband who was always with her.

Put God in the center of our lives.

In troubles or peace, in sickness or in health, in richer or in poorer, we always remember God.  He is always there for us.  We praise and thank him for the blessings that He has given us.  We thank Him for giving his only son Jesus Christ to redeem us from sins.  We have to talk to him always.  If we do this, we find peace in our hearts because we know that He will not leave us.  Though I am already older, I learned to accept Jesus during one of those times of difficulties.  I admit I have misgivings.  I sometimes took Him for granted.  I am among the so-called christians who  only come to Him during difficult times.  You know, even at this time, I sometimes forget Him.

Stay away from stress.

This is very difficult to do.  We can not avoid stress easily specially when we have enormous problems.  I learned to become passive.  Stress makes my psoriasis flare up so I have to stay away from it.  BUT It’s really very difficult.  However, there are times that I can do it after so much meditation.  If we talk to God it can be done.  Talking to Him makes our minds calm down.


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8 thoughts on “The Truth”

  1. as they always say the truth will always set us free…

    as I say it is necessary to say all the truth if it will hurt a person?

    • I agree with you. But for me I prefer that the information comes from other people not from me. It happened to me one time, a very good friend was suspected of something bad and she confronted me why I didn’t tell her about it. i told her that I just don’t want to see her being hurt of what I may have told her.

      • actually I had a funny experience with this. A friend used to apply an eyebrow pencil to her eyebrows to make it more appealing. Then one time, maybe she forgot to use the pencil in one of her brows. So I told her about that.. instead of fixing her problem.. she got frantic and get upset at me and denied. LOL. I was in “huh?” expression. thinking.. really… “huh?”

        • I encountered that kind of situation too. Mine is funny it happened in one of my high school class, i was a teener them, our teacher a male forgot to zip his fly. Most of the girls in class giggled as what girls usually are. Good that we had a classmate who was already of age, he made signs to our teacher to call his attention. We observed that our teacher slowly zipped his fly. I can’t forget it.

  2. Try to always be truthful unless the person you are dealing with just can not take it. I think, when dealing with younger people there are times when you really have to watch the way you say things to them and explain way they need to know, trying not to hurt their feeling. It takes time to explain, why.


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