The Truth About Addiction And Your Health

I’ve spoken a bit about addiction before. Usually, I’m talking about ways you can help fight addiction and get yourself through the tough times. Today I’m coming at addiction from a different angle. I want to help you understand how bad addiction is. Help you see how much it affects our health and wellbeing. I’m going to tell you the truth about addiction and health.

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Addiction And The Immune System

One of the biggest health issues with addiction is that it damages your immune system. No matter what substance you’re addicted to, it’s not good for your body. Having all these chemicals pumped around your body on a regular basis, it’s only going to lead to bad things. When you have these harmful substances inside you, your immune system slowly begins to wear down. The more you take drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol, the worse it gets. We need strong immune systems to help ward off infections and diseases. When yours gets weak, it’s easier for you to get these things. You’ll find yourself getting ill more frequently; it’s not good for your body.

Healthy Heart
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Addiction And The Heart

I know I’m pointing out the obvious a bit, but you need a working heart to survive. The moment your heart starts to shut down and stop working, you’re done for. This makes it important that we take good care of our heart and help prevent any diseases. Being addicted to drugs does the exact opposite of this. It puts your heart at great risk of developing diseases. Some substances can cause your heart rate to quicken at an abnormal rate. If your heart is beating too fast, it’s easy for you to have a heart attack or stroke. Smoking and alcohol addictions can also take their toll on the cardiovascular system. You may find your blood vessels at risk of bursting and being infected. If you want a healthy heart, you have to stay away from substances. Addiction can easily lead to all the heart problems you don’t want.

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Addiction And The Brain

When people think about the health issues that come with addiction, they may forget about the brain. Some of the things I’ve already mentioned may have seemed quite obvious to you. But, did you know that addiction affects the brain worse than anywhere else? It’s true, as per Sanford House, one of the signs of addiction are changes to your personality. Getting addicted to something can change the way you think and behave. You become a completely different person. It can also lead to numerous mental illnesses, depression being a common one. Addiction can lead you into a dark pit of despair that you feel trapped in, with no way out. It can also cause problems like schizophrenia. Addiction doesn’t just damage your body; it damages your brain too.  

Addiction is a problem that will greatly affect your body. Hopefully, you’ve read this and can now understand addiction a bit better. It’s helped you realise the dangers this issue can pose. Understanding the health problems can help you be more mindful and prevent addiction from happening to you.

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