The Task of Being An Online Friend

The number of people online in a day is astounding.  Moreover, the number of social networks has continued to increase.  From the ever popular Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to newer social blogging platforms like Day2DayTips, people all over the world flock and commune.  Without a doubt, this has made the world a click away.  Likewise, friendships and ties have transcended physical boundaries and moved on into the cyberworld.   Do you have an online friend?  I bet you do.  Chances are you may have hundreds if not thousands of connections.  What number of online friends do you actually keep close in spite the great distance or cultural difference that separates you?

Online communities are often formed in social networks and online writing sites.  Whether online earning or online writing have been the initial motive, one soon finds himself in the company of great people. Furthermore, with the continued interaction, we uncover and learn more about our online friends and begin to nurture it.  So how do we foster better relationships with our online connections?

Respect your online friend

When you find yourself in the virtual world you’ll not know whom you will meet.  Moreover, the encounters may be brief and at times it can be a lasting friendship.  Regardless how transient it may be or how enduring it is, let your interaction be founded on respect.

Cultures vary, beliefs are equally divers moreover, what you value may not be the same as others.  This is the reality of life – online or otherwise.  By understanding this simple truth, you can encourage more meaningful relationships online.

Speak the truth and foster trust

People tune in to words that they want to hear.  But personally, I’d rather hear the truth.  Of course, being straightforward is expected however it should be done in a courteous and tactful manner.  The truth may usually hurt, but ensure that you pick your words so the sting comes from the truth and not the words you have chosen.

I’m fortunate and unfortunate at the same time.  Fortunate since I have found a home where I can speak the truth and share it with others.  Moreover, I’m fortunate as others do the same.  On the other hand, I’m unfortunate for I have encountered people online who provide false information and are not true to their word.  I guess there are quite a number of us who have experienced or heard about these.  Nevertheless, I hold on to the blessings such as D2D that in spite of dismal experiences and encounters, there are still places where truth and trust are valued.

Encourage and support

Numerous online communities provide a venue to share ideas and experiences.  Moreover, some write to express their ideas and emotions while some others write online to share information.  As a community and more importantly as online friends, we help others by encouraging and supporting them.

Encouragement and support can come in a myriad of ways.  A simple gesture of liking the post, sharing it in social networking sites, leaving comments and promoting the post can show one’s support.

Be available

No one is requiring you to be online 24/7.  Rather, we nurture online friendships by spending time no matter how limited it may be.  It is essential to keep in touch with your online friends so we continue to connect with them.


I spend my day browsing through the net for information and for research.  But it just brightens my day to read messages from online friends.  Starting the day with a simple hello or how are you can be uplifting.

Return the favor

Online communities thrive on interaction, commenting, posting and sharing.  When your online friend is kind enough to do this for you, return the favor and do you part.  With the social networks becoming linked with one another, it’s easy to find ways to help out a friend.

Whenever you can, return the favor since it is the right course of action.  Even the tiniest gestures can have gargantuan effects.

Online friends are no different from your usual friends.  Although you only meet in the virtual world does not imply they are less of your friends.  It is true that out of a thousand connections you have online, not everyone will have a deep connection.  But those that do are worth keeping and nurturing.

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11 thoughts on “The Task of Being An Online Friend”

  1. What can I say? Most of the true friends I met online are with me on this site. And somehow, I made a few from other sites as well.

    • Every so often we find friends that we want to keep for life. D2D is a great place to build new friendships.

  2. I spend almost more than half of my day online and no matter I am not around I can still pick up messages through mobile. You are right for those tips you shared above. Online friends are likes our usual friends and I learned so much from them, I got 5 long years online friendship from few people online and I am proud of them because they like a family to me now. I agree to you that respect is a key and we should be real and honest because even we are behind the monitor we can still feel if the shared information are all lies.

  3. That’s true, and in online writing sites, we develop friendships with people whom we “perceive” to share our own ideas, virtues, etc, by the way they write and how they view things. It is such a nice kind of friendship.

    • @simplewoman2:disqus online writing sites help people discover numerous views about a particular topic. The discussions and comments allow authors to know more about others. It’s an excellent way to discover what others think.

  4. You’re a very good writer and this story resonates with me deeply. I have met and kept a couple friends I met online several years ago. Though we’ve never met, we have a bond.

    • @lisaaltmann:disqus Thank you for such kind words. Just like you i have many friends online and most I have not met in person. But this does not mean they are less of a person than my friends whom I meet in the flesh.

  5. On point tips you’ve shared here. We are all of 700+ billion strong and the internet and online communities provide the platform and opportunity to share, work with life’s most precious resource… each other. I’m very grateful for the opportunity and count online friendships a blessing, to be nurtured just like any other friendship.

    • @jennifer_byrd:disqus We are blessed to have so many friends. And indeed, we need to nurture them. As each day passes, our spheres of influence will grow as well.


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