The Philippines Recommended Tourist Destinations

Are you fond of travelling, going on vacations with the family, or just curious of the places that you have not been yet?

Well on my case I really like travelling to places that fascinates me like some places in the Philippines. Filipinos are known for their generosity and hospitality for their guests. The people are not the sole pride of the country, there are also lot’s of places or destinations that are really eye opener s for tourists or even for local people who are looking for great getaways. 

For quite a while been able to visit some of the places that the country feast’s about. I will indicate and recommend places that I was able to travel to and some of the places I would like to lay my foot on. 

1. Let’s start with Boracay Island,

if you’re in the Philippines local when the summer season is coming this place is very much heard on people who are settling for a vacation. A white beach with the very fine sand that would let you like to walk it out on bare foot. During the summer this place is being populated by vacationers local people or even tourists. There are lot’s of water activities that you can choose from in the morning, and in the evening it’s like the island is not sleeping. Lot’s of “Night Life” as quoted, bar hopping, live bands, fire dancers, and many more night activities that you can choose from near the beach side. It’s a great destination for some teenager’s or young adults that needs to relieve stress from the school classes and work overload.

2. A far island from the lower left corner of the country called Palawan

a travel via plane but it is all worth it. It’s where the underground river is located that is now considered one of the 8 wonders of the new world. Lot’s of beautiful beaches and water falls to see and travel thru boats to move to different islets or visit the underground river. 

3. Let’s move on to the far north of Illocos region the Pagudpud Beach,

you can actually ride a plane to Ilocos or you can have a long drive but with this long drive comes great spectacles of scenery along the way. You may eventually visit the giant wind mills in Laoag, where they are the main source of electricity of the region, or the beautiful rock formations along the coastline of Kapurpurawan before you may reach the main municipality of Pagudpud. Actually Pagudpud is a place in Illocos Norte also coined the Boracay of the north because you’ll see the very fine white sand beach with clear blue waters. Unlike Boracay, Pagudpud isn’t much crowded of visitors and tourists. Also a perfect destination for the family getaways or tourist vacations.

4. Another place in the Southern part of Illocos region is Vigan,

nearer than Pagudpud municipality. This city is a place where you can find the most dazzling pieces of historic Philippine era where the Spanish came and colonized the country. You may find the very old houses, churches, and the historical Calle Crisologo where is the main attraction of Vigan City. Fortunately the municipality was able to preserve the remaining history of the old civilization for the present generations to visit and wonder. 

5. Baler Aurora,

many would not be much aware of this place. It’s not yet well known vacation place but it’s being discovered because of the different attractions on that place also. Lot’s of beaches, water falls, and what people do when they come is the surfing experience. The place is being known for the great waves for surfing experience for amateurs and also professionals a perfect summer getaway if you want to try new water activities. 

Have you visited the Philippines? Or These places I have indicated here? Share your experiences with us.

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9 thoughts on “The Philippines Recommended Tourist Destinations”

  1. Those are great places truly enough Philippines is so blessed to have a wonderful tourist spots located in every region. Welcome to D2D Tips, and thank you for sharing those list. Happy weekend.

  2. Wow! I love this topic! You know we are planning to travel the Philippine Islands in the near future, me with my partner and this is a great tip for us to consider! Thank you so much!

  3. I’ve been into some places that i stated here, and also planning to go to those others like bora, palawan, and baler.. haha

  4. Those are really lovely places to go to. Actually, I have never really been to any of those places you have mentioned but would surely love to have that summer escapade jumping from one resort to another.

  5. these are great selections of tourist destinations in the Philippines. Boracay is still one of my favorites


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