The Magic Of Hot Choco During the Rainy Days

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I remember my mom making hot chocolate for all of us especially when it rained.  The rainy days here in the Philippines last long and are often quite hard.  As kids, it’s just a huge and irritating idea to get stuck inside the house.  Remember, there were no internet, Xbox, Wii or even cable TV back them.  So we are treated to pure awesomeness in the form of my mother’s hot chocolate.

Unlike your usual instant choco drink, my mom uses actual chocolate tablets, boiled in water.  She stirs in sugar and milk.  The resulting concoction takes anyone to heaven in an instant – no we don’t die.  But the blissful aroma and the silky taste of homemade chocolate during the rainy days can make staying indoors a lot of fun.

Hot chocolate for rainy days helps us keep warm.  It makes us sit together as a family talk about almost anything from Voltes V to why the Road runner escapes the Cayote to more serious topics like what we wanted to be when we grow up.  A cup of choco while it rains outside was family time like no other.  We were engaged in conversations, snuggled in the cold and we grew closer as a family.

Who would have thought that a cup of homemade chocolate drink can do all these things?  But a cup did wonders to our family.

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31 thoughts on “The Magic Of Hot Choco During the Rainy Days”

  1. me? a nice snuggle in bed and music or maybe watching a movie on TV while in bed…oh and some thing to snack on hahah

  2. During my childhood, it was this certain brand of cocoa that my mom would often buy. I just forgot the name. Anyway, the tablea or the chocolate tablets, we often have it during the cold season.
    I really don’t like the rain coz it makes my world small! LOL I hate going out and get splashes of rain on my feet plus I hate having to use an umbrella.

  3. Some of the best moments Dave and I share are over a big mug of hot chocolate with oodles of whip cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


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