The life of a travel blogger

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There are few travel blogger that i knew personally and i really inspired with their passion to enjoy life being a traveler. To travel in local and international areas it requires allotted budgets and investment. However travel bloggers can make it as much as cheapest as they can and make it for free as much as possible. Travel blogger value the place and the destination to create an amazing and interesting story for their blog. They are amazing when it comes their purpose, why these people spent time ( A lot of time ) and money to travel? Below are the reason why.

1. They want to share to the world how amazing and beautiful is our land and sea. By their articles and images they are able to show what are those places that are not being discovered yet by many, by sharing their articles they simply tell the world that there are places that worth to visit and travel bloggers enjoy every day of their life not to set a foot prints on the sand for the first time but they are excited to share their experiences and stories.

2. Travel blogger value every image the captured, thats why its very important for them to have their own gadgets and cameras. Every moment are being preserved and shared to people through images and photos.

3. Its part of their passion and their personal job, being a travel blogger is all about your heart towards it. It always be your passion to do what you want in life. They travel a lot, they write about it and this is their personal job of course they earned a lot as well.

Do you want to become a travel blogger? You must first set aside your job, free yourself from other things except travel plans. You have to free yourself not just one day but the entire life. Make it as your main focus because being a travel blogger is not just a 1 day trip its a week or a month depends on how far is your destination.

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  1. I always wanted to have a travelog. Travel Blogging site. I like to share places where I have visited.

    sharing really a beautiful place and a little reflection on the place is something good to share with other people. I agree with your tips.


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