The latest GOOGLE search engine updates

Google makes life a bit simpler. For anything and for everything that you want to know, you can ask Google; right from a recipe search to the most complex SEO strategy. Such is the power of the search engine Google.
Each year, Google changes its search algorithm. While most of these are minor updates, Google seldom rolls out a major update such as Google Panda and Google Caffeine that affects search results in many different ways. This time, Google has quietly changed the closely guarded formula running its Internet search engine to offer better results. Recently this was disclosed at a special event held in the Menlo Park, California.
“Hummingbird” is actually the name Google is using to their newly built algorithm. The name actually comes from being precise and fast, one that would offer better search results. This new algorithm is a replacement of the whole of Google’s old algorithm Caffeine and could have a major impact on traffic as it represents the most dramatic alteration to the Google’s search engine. It would also reshuffle Google’s search rankings and make major changes to Internet’s traffic for websites. The search ads and other commercial pitches related are expected to rise up this year for Google.
Let us get in deep to understand what exactly the new algorithm offers. “Conversational Search” is actually one of the biggest assets of Google’s new algorithm. Say, for example, if you search, “What is the best place to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 3?” The old search engine might focus on words: “place”, “Samsung”, “Galaxy” and “Note” resulting pages that matches the exact keywords. Hummingbird, the new algorithm, would focus on the same words with a better understanding of place as your actual location of your computer, searches for a nearby shop where you could buy a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Well, this feature was there already, but this algorithm would use it for better search results.
As all of you are aware of, SEO is growing up in a more rapid way. Over the last two to three years, Google has forced SEO to grow up fast and steadily. With this new update, SEO will rise up, as Google indexes original and high-quality content rather than indexing a copied article, or any articles that fail to provide good content that can actually be relied upon. This new algorithm has taught us that all internet-marketing strategies must diversify beyond SEO, because Google does not owe you for a living. Focus on subjects that your business needs, write high-quality articles and get better results. Remember, SEO is not solely about writing codes, performing analytics of your website, or creating fake social status for your business, it is about providing original high-quality contents, constructing an online footprint that is trustworthy, better reach on social networks, and relevant to your business. Good SEO is just about adding value. But good contents will help you win with hands down. You should consider building your own reputation and be a successful person in life.
The endnote note is: Write good content. Construct good online footprint. Win!

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