The Heart Is a Delicate Organ


People tend to take their heart for granted. Literally. We tend to over eat, get stressed, be over emotional and then we take medicines. We think even if we are not eating properly the medications will cure it. Not necessarily, it will help minimize the problems but not fully cure it. It also depends on how we treat our heart and our lifestyle. Here are some things you can take into consideration to help you and your heart.

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  • If you can, always try to check your blood pressure. Usually around the same time and arm. It is helpful if you are hypertensive. It will give you a baseline of your pressure and you will be aware if it goes up or own. Sometimes it is also good to check a few hours after you have taken your medication to know if the medication is working.
  • Try to keep stress free. If you can’t, try to minimize it. If you feel the onset of a stress or is if you have reacted emotionally, try to stop, take a deep breath, close your eyes and tell yourself to relax. Sometimes saying a little prayer helps.
  • Eat properly, less fats, carbohydrates and sweets. These can cause obesity and can also wrap fats around the heart making it difficult to pump.
  • Exercise. it does not need to be strenuous but you can do cardiac exercises. Like stretching, walking then increasing to running, low impact aerobic or not the too strenuous work out. dancing is also good but be sure you are breathing properly when doing these exercise.
  • keep yourself  happy

Stress is really one major problem. It can cause heart problems of even a stroke. Try to find ways to minimize your stress. If you are overworked, I would advise to lessen some of the workload and spread it out. If it is in the family, try to keep calm about it, financial problems is on big problem and harder to control. I would tell myself not to worry too much because I can get sick and cause more expenses if  I get hospitalized. Works for me because I would take a deep breath, pray and then prepare myself to face the challenges, sometimes a blessing comes my way. Emotions too play an important part. Do and feel things in moderation.

Loosing weight is also a must. There are some tips I have read on how to help yourself if you are alone and feel some chest pain. Once you feel some tightness they said to try to take a deep breath and cough hard, really hard like you are trying to expel some phlegm. It helps constrict the heart muscles and helps pump the blood. It will give you time to call 911 or someone to help you. It works, I have tried it. I felt some kind of mild pain but to be safe I did some deep coughing and the pain went away.

But always remember before doing any exercise or diet plan, always get the approval of your doctor. He knows what is best for us.

Oh another important thing, find a good doctor or cardiologist, one you are comfortable with and one that has a good reputation. It is better when there is a doctor we can ask.

So please be careful with your heart.



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