The Family’s Role In Moulding The Character Of A Child

The most important factor which moulds the character of a person is decided by the type of family he or she is brought up in. Most of the socially misbehaving persons have an history of a broken family. They does not receive love from their own family and thus become potentially dangerous to the society itself.

When you have a child your responsibility doubles. what he or she becomes in the future is all based on your upbringing. There are many out there who think that to love is to pamper. If you buy them everything they ask for, they will be happy. No, it is not the case. Nothing equals in the world to the love of the parents to their child.

As a parent we must correct them whenever they do mistakes. And we should never restrain ourselves from saying sorry to our child when it is us doing the mistakes. After all, we all are humans only. We make mistakes. What is important is to correct them and move forward.

Nowadays there is a high number of divorces all over the world. Everything is so advanced that there is no question of adjusting. The only victim here is the child himself. Even if one of the parents take care of him, the void created by the other parent will always be there. So if you are a parent and you have a child, please don’t separate. At least for the sake of your child, no matter what. A child require neither mom alone nor dad alone but mom and dad together.

Sit with your child and listen to their stories. Not just acting, genuinely listen to their stories. Tell them about your childhood. Be a great friend to your child.

So the point here is if you are so adamant in separating from your wife or husband, think about your children. Think how much you are contributing to the downfall of a person. You are actually doing wrong the society itself. Children from broken families will be spiteful and potentially dangerous to the society they live in. So love your children, walk with them and pick them up when they fall. So that they can love others too.

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4 thoughts on “The Family’s Role In Moulding The Character Of A Child”

  1. I agree with you, as much as possible, parents should not separate because the child will always be on the losing end. Also try to guide and discipline your children.

  2. Yes, you are right with this Tips. I agree with you, as a parent we should be the first who become our kids friend and listening to their stories helps us to discover them more.

  3. ahhh yes, I like the sharing about the childhood part. we are used to that. that’s why I worry now to the children of my nieces and nephews because they are more into ipads and computers at young age. I wonder if they will have some childhood part to tell to their future children.

  4. My dad always tells me stories about his school days and college days when we sit together to have food. It feels good. We have jolly good time in the house almost all the time


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